Why We’re Here For You

At North County Health Services (NCHS) we have one common mission to be here for you! This mission was not a slogan created by the marketing or outreach team. It was the founding purpose around our creation.

Dating back to the early 1970s,  NCHS was founded to serve the rural areas of Ramona, Pauma Valley and San Marcos. Migrant farmers and their families populated these areas during the time and found it difficult to find quality healthcare services that were affordable.

Beautiful happy family portrait smiling outdoorsIn these particular areas, physicians were unwilling to treat low-income patients, so a small group of health professionals came together to provide these much needed health services. In 1973, NCHS became a community migrant health center to help migrant farmer workers obtain healthcare that was comprehensive, affordable and culturally sensitive. Flash forward to 2015, we are 10 locations strong and growing with the same mission, providing quality health care to those with limited access and limited income.

We started a blog to better serve YOU! The internet provides everyone a wonderful resource of healthcare knowledge but our goal is to create a blog that provides you with as much information about living a healthy lifestyle. We will, also be share upcoming events, fitness tips, volunteer opportunities, healthcare in the news and more.

Upcoming post:

-Irma’s Story: Our CEO’s Journey from a Migrant Farmer Family to CEO
-National Safety Month: Keeping Our Kids Safe
-Meet Your Providers
-National Men’s Health Week
-Happy Father’s Day
-Top 10 Educational Websites for Children

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