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Established in 1971, North County Health Services (NCHS) has become far more than a provider of health services.  NCHS is a key infrastructure resource that contributes to the economic prosperity of northern San Diego and southwestern Riverside counties.

NCHS is not just a community clinic.  It is a community member.  NCHS is deeply embedded in the communities it serves through its 12 health centers and two mobile medical/dental clinics that provide services to persons with significant access barriers.

By making healthcare accessible to all, NCHS removes a barrier to success for many.  It gives each of the more than 65,000 who are its patients annually their opportunity to pursue the American dream and succeed based on their initiative, drive, and determination.  Given an opportunity—and good health—they will thrive, contribute, and succeed.

NCHS is trusted, admired, and respected in communities where trust, admiration, and respect are hard earned.

Today we ask you to invest in NCHS.

Philanthropy is usually a gift.  Philanthropy directed to NCHS is an investment.  It is an investment in the future prosperity of northern San Diego and southwestern Riverside counties as much as it is an investment in healthcare for those who have not yet achieved the level of financial success that enables them to afford healthcare access.

Like any other infrastructure asset, NCHS requires continuous maintenance and renewal in order to maximize its effectiveness.  It is private philanthropy that will provide the margin of excellence and that enables NCHS to innovate and continue its legacy of service.  It is private philanthropy that can assure NCHS’ ability to persist, whatever fiscal decisions might be made by federal or state payers.  It is private philanthropy that can enable NCHS to be fully in control of its own destiny, and continue to reflect the will and compassion of the communities it serves.

NCHS is a local and locally-controlled asset.  It is in the best interests of both northern San Diego and southwestern Riverside counties that there be robust private support so this legacy of local control and excellence in healthcare delivery can be sustained and expanded to meet our needs, on our terms, in our communities.

The level of philanthropic support will determine the future success of tens of thousands of individuals, and all our local communities.  It will reflect our generosity, our optimism about the future, and our desire to be communities of compassion as well as communities of prosperity.


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