Ramona Funding Initiative

Your support will go to expanding patient access at our new NCHS Ramona Health Center.  The new health center is already improving outcomes for the community.

The new location greatly expands services through an additional 3,000 square feet of space; three additional exam rooms; two additional behavioral and medical treatment rooms; and the addition of two dental procedure rooms.  This 39% increase in access is already helping to accommodate our existing patients and a number of new patients.

Every dollar makes a difference to our patients.  Making a donation – of any amount – is just one more powerful way you can give our patients and families a little more hope and support.

Approximately 21% of residents in Ramona and the surrounding areas do not have a usual source of healthcare. Additionally, approximately 12% of adults in Ramona and the surrounding areas have delayed or not sought health care due to cost. In Ramona, 23% of the adult population is obese, 27% of the adult population has high blood pressure, and 8% of the adult population has diabetes.

While the sacrifices you make to our organization are beyond measure, we are a nonprofit and rely on the financial support of donors to remain a vital resource and provide the extraordinary care we are known for.  When those of us closest to NCHS show our pride and dedication by making a financial gift, it demonstrates to families and organizations in our community that NCHS is worthy of their support, too.

Join the community and your fellow colleagues in supporting NCHS today.


Patient Access Innovation

Over the last ten years, NCHS has been expanding our ability to provide quality, affordable healthcare through the opening of physical locations. As we continue to look for new ways to expand our ability to provide that healthcare, we are looking towards more technology based options. Our focus this year for expansion is through technological advances.

Introducing Patient Access Innovation. Now in addition to the choice of supporting the new Ramona Health Center, you have a different options on how to put your dollars to work.  Donations restricted to the Patient Access Innovation fund will directly support the continuation of the eConsult program, as well as other programs such as TeleHealth through the behavioral health department.


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