Ramona Funding Initiative

Your support will go to the relocation and renovation of the new NCHS Ramona Health Center to provide higher quality of care to better meet the current and future healthcare needs of residents in eastern San Diego County by the end of 2018. This project will improve health outcomes through maximizing space and increasing the efficiency of work flows to improve care delivery and patient experience for underserved men, women, and children.

The new location will greatly expand services through eleven exam rooms, one treatment room, two behavioral health rooms, four dental operatories, and one dental procedure room. The exam rooms will be larger to accommodate more family members and a stroller if needed. This 39% increase in access will help accommodate the expected, high population growth in the future. This new facility will offer comprehensive, compassionate healthcare across the entire lifespan, from prenatal care through elder care.  Additionally, private consultation rooms will be provided for the behavioral health consultant and health educators to offer confidential and comprehensive support to assist patients. Other offices ensuring patient privacy will be designated for care coordination, financial counseling (to provide patients with assistance in applying for public insurance and establishing eligibility for discounted fees), and linkage to other valuable community resources that promote healthy living.  The location of exam rooms, consultation rooms, staff spaces, and offices are more conducive to the “Team-Based Care” model of healthcare delivery, which has been proven to be more effective in resulting in better health outcomes.

Approximately 21% of residents in Ramona and the surrounding areas do not have a usual source of healthcare. Additionally, approximately 12% of adults in Ramona and the surrounding areas have delayed or not sought health care due to cost. In Ramona, 23% of the adult population is obese, 27% of the adult population has high blood pressure, and 8% of the adult population has diabetes.

Every dollar makes a difference to our patients.  Making a donation – of any amount – is just one more powerful way you can give our patients and families a little more hope and support.

While the sacrifices you make to our organization are beyond measure, we are a nonprofit and rely on the financial support of donors to remain a vital resource and provide the extraordinary care we are known for.  When those of us closest to NCHS show our pride and dedication by making a financial gift, it demonstrates to families and organizations in our community that NCHS is worthy of their support, too.

Join the community and your fellow colleagues in supporting NCHS today.

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