Volunteer Spotlight: Paola Ilescas

NCHS would like to thank our wonderful volunteers for their support and service within our organization. We are united in our mission to deliver quality health care to North County. While we value all of our volunteers, each month we would like to feature one standout volunteer who went above and beyond their duties to help our patients and community. Click here to learn more!

Paola Ilescas Volunteer Spotlight Photo


Paola Ilescas, our Volunteer Spotlight for September, is an Agricultural Health Program Intern. She is currently enrolled at California State University San Marcos pursuing a degree in both psychology and anthropology with a minor in dance. Paola’s dream is to become an anthropologist, focusing on the indigenous cultures of Oaxaca, Mexico and to one day explore it ruins. She also aspires to become a health educator for young women in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Day to day, Paola’s responsibilities change. Her days consists of organizing details for upcoming events, outreach in San Marcos nurseries and volunteering her time at the food distribution for the agricultural worker and the community members.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Paola to ask her a few questions about her experiences here at NCHS:

What was one of your favorite experiences with a patient or community member?

“It was at the food distribution when I was preparing the table for sign ins. I was talking to a couple of seniors and it was wonderful to just connect with them. It dawned on me how interactive and engaging this position is.”

What inspired you to be a volunteer for NCHS?

“NCHS is rooted in the principle of giving access to health care to those who otherwise would not be able to have it because of their economic status. Health care is a basic right and I love to be part of an organization that strives to give that access to individuals in need of it.”

Thank you Paola for volunteering your time here at NCHS!

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