Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Gerenraich

NCHS would like to thank our wonderful volunteers for their support and service within our organization. We are united in our mission to deliver quality healthcare to North County. While we value all of our volunteers, each month we would like to feature one standout volunteer who went above and beyond their duties to help our patients and community. Volunteer opportunities North County San Diego:  click here to learn more! 

andrew gerenraich photo spotlightAndrew Gerenraich, our Volunteer Spotlight for August, is a MyHealth Champ at our Mission Mesa Pediatric Health Center in Oceanside. He is currently enrolled in the pre-health post-baccalaureate program at CSCUM. Volunteering at NCHS was a natural fit for Andrew as he is aspiring to become a physician.

As a MyHealth Champ, Andrew helps patients set up their MyHealth portal accounts, shares methods of engaging with their providers and taking ownership of their healthcare in general via the portal. Andrew is able to connect with patients as they are waiting to see their provider in the lobby or in the exam room using those opportunities to provide them assistance and making their wait times more productive.

We had an opportunity to catch up with Andrew to ask him a few questions:

What is the most exciting aspect of your volunteer position at NCHS?

Andrew replied, “It is exciting for me as we socially move away from traditional, patriarchal-style doctor-patient relationships. I get to witness the more complex, collaborative style of relationships as they emerge in the clinics on a daily basis.”

Next we asked, what was one of your favorite experiences with a patient?

“A patient was waiting to receive her daughter’s lab results and was eager to sign up for a MyHealth account as she waited in our lobby. Once we accessed her account she was able to immediately view the results only to discover she had questions about what they actually meant.” Andrew continued to explain, “Since she was so surprised that she could use her MyHealth account to email providers, I helped her communicate with her daughter’s provider moments after registering. This experience was so meaningful to me because it was an instance of perfect timing that demonstrated what a wonderful service MyHealth is to our patients at NCHS.”

Finally we asked, what inspired you to be a volunteer at NCHS?

“I researched volunteer experiences available at many of the hospitals, offices and clinics in the area and NCHS remained prominently more authentic. From my observation, the culture at NCHS is a practice of awareness for what is genuine and will elevate all members of the community. Every individual I have met at NCHS has exemplified the mission and deeply cares about their effect on others. Their actions are taken with meaningfulness and purpose.”

Thank you Andrew for volunteering your time here at NCHS!

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