Temperature Check- School Safety


As summer comes to a close, back-to-school season is in full swing! As excited as we are to see our kids head off to school, we need to remember to take proper safety precautions. Let’s talk about 5 easy ways to stay safe at school.

Always be aware of your surroundings

Make sure your child knows who is picking them up from school and to be well aware of their surroundings. Explain what to do and who to contact if they don’t feel safe. Avoid writing your child’s name on anything they carry on them to prevent strangers from calling the child over by name.

If you have an older child who walks home, encourage them to walk with friends and never alone.


Share the road

School roads are often crowded during the school year. Make sure you remember to look out for any pedestrians or bicycles that may be around your vehicle.


Inform your school staff about health or emotional concerns

It’s important to inform the school staff of any food allergies, disabilities, or health issues that your child may suffer from. This gives the staff an opportunity to make sure arrangements can be made to benefit your child.



Bullying is an issue that many schools are currently facing. Whether its name calling, cyber, or physical bullying all are unacceptable. Explain to your child that bullying is not okay and who they can talk to if they feel bullied.


Get Involved

Talk to the school principle or the PTA about what you can do to increase school safety. Organizing parents to form a neighborhood watch before and after school is an excellent example of how parents can make a difference in school safety.