How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner


The holidays are officially here, and that means family, fun and of course food! We understand that Thanksgiving only comes once a year and the food is delicious, however, splurging on Thanksgiving can often set off a domino effect for the rest of the holiday season. With so much delicious food tempting you, it’s difficult to keep your healthy habits in check. Having a strategy before sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner will set you up for success and help keep you on track this holiday season.

Plate Veggies First

Plating your vegetables first ensures that you’re going to fill at least half of your plate with veggies. Start with a nice beautiful salad and any delightful vegetables that may be at your table. Keep in mind, that some veggie dishes can be misleading; there are a few dishes that contain plenty of oil and dressing. Once you have your veggies, then you can go back and fill in the rest of your plate with everything else.

Find Ways to Save Calories

Thanksgiving dinner is full of different side and dessert options, but there is no need to try every single one. Pick a few of your favorites and enjoy those. If you would like to relish in more options, try serving yourself smaller portions of each; this way you can enjoy more options without the risk of derailing all of your hard work.

Resist the urge to go back for seconds. We know the food is delicious, but if you are full, there is no reason to keep eating. Instead, create a small plate for you to enjoy the next day.

Enjoy Yourself!

Remember, Thanksgiving is one meal on one day. You can enjoy a glass of wine or slice of pie without setting yourself too far back.

Happy Thanksgiving!