Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a medical branch that encompasses the care of all adults, whether sick or healthy. Some internal medicine doctors are specialists, like cardiologists and gastroenterologists, while others are more general adult medicine practitioners. Internists, as they are often called, most frequently deal with the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and illnesses. They are experts in chronic diseases, puzzling medical concerns, and treatment of those with multiple illnesses. Internal doctors often work with other medical specialists so that patients get all of the appropriate medical expertise for their particular medical issues. The best internal medicine doctors will not only care for individuals when they are sick and need a diagnosis, but also when they are seeking proactive healthcare methods, such as preventative screenings and wellness promotion.

What Is an Internal Medicine Doctor?

Internal doctors are often primary care physicians and specialize in adult medicine. All family practitioners are considered internal medicine doctors as well as pediatricians, but many internists have adult care as their only specialty. The best internal medicine doctors will care deeply about the health of their community, and will provide women’s health services, men’s health services, as well as a variety of sickness care services.

Internal medicine doctors should be your first visit when you’re experiencing a medical problem or concern. Particularly if you aren’t sure what the primary root of the problem is, you should see an internal doctor who is skilled in diagnosing illnesses. In addition to sickness care, internal medicine doctors can provide adults with chronic disease management, cardiovascular treatment, immunizations and checkups, family planning services, a variety of health screenings, and so much more. Whether you have a cold, chronic headaches, or frustrating allergies, an internal doctor at NCHS can help. Additionally, if you’re facing a puzzling medical situation and are looking for answers, we can support you and work together to discover an appropriate diagnosis and treatment solution as well.

Find an Internal Medicine Doctor Near Me

Wellness care is difficult enough, but when you need medical assistance when you’re ill, it can be hard to find the right internal doctor and the time to go visit his or her office. Here at NCHS, we’ve made the process as easy as possible. We accept most insurance and have affordable payment options for our uninsured patients, and we have several locations across North County to serve you right in your neighborhood. Our staff includes some of the best internal medicine doctors in the area, and they are ready to assist you in diagnoses, treatments, disease prevention, wellness care, and so much more. Get in touch with us today and get on the road to better health.