Positive Affirmations to Motivate You

A lot of research has been done on the connection between our thoughts and our happiness. It turns out that being positive in our thought life can directly transfer to being happy, staying healthy, and thriving. Negative thoughts have been linked to illness, excessive stress, and unhealthy habits. This makes it extremely important for you to combat negativity and think and speak positively over yourself. In fact, speaking positively over ourselves, our situations, and those around us can have a more significant impact than we once realized. When we say something continuously, no matter what it is, we tend to believe it more and more until it potentially can become our reality. This is where positive affirmations come into play. Some of the most successful individuals practice the power of positive thinking and affirming themselves verbally on a daily basis. When you speak something out loud, you are more likely to believe that it can and will happen, giving the statement more power and giving yourself more confidence.

Studies have been done on what’s called neuroplasticity, which is essentially the understanding that your brain can be rewired or changed. So, if you hear a particular word and associate only negative things with it, you’re not stuck that way forever. If you feel like you tend to be a negative person, that doesn’t mean you can never change. Neuroplasticity is basically our ability to alter our thought patterns and create new ones, allowing our brain to jump to the conclusions we want it to jump to more easily and quickly.

One way to do this is to intentionally speak statements that we believe or want to believe. These can focus specifically on things you struggle with, like motivation or confidence. Or, they can be general positive statements, such as about your ability to succeed or make wise choices. Everyone can benefit from speaking positive affirmations, and you can tailor them specifically to you to make them more meaningful and significant. Everyone hopes to achieve success in life, and that often means overcoming some big challenges, but speaking and thinking positively can help in a big way.

Motivation is perhaps the most important factor in achieving success in life, no matter what you view as “success.” You may be striving for financial freedom, a better job or a promotion, a healthier lifestyle, or happiness in your personal life. Staying motivated and keeping your eyes on your end goal is vital, but the actual motivation part of that can be daunting and extremely challenging. Utilize these positive affirmations to motivate yourself daily and watch as your beliefs become your reality.


  1. I have the power to achieve my goals.
  2. I free myself from the pain of the past and step into a bright future.
  3. I am strong and independent. I can do anything.
  4. I will not judge myself for the mistakes I’ve made; I will be thankful for them because they have helped me grow.
  5. I have the power to say “no” to anything that does not serve my mind, body, or spirit.
  6. I have the knowledge and ability to make wise decisions.
  7. I have everything I need to make today great.
  8. I am courageous. My fears do not control me and I can face them with confidence.
  9. I am motivated and disciplined and I will do my best in everything I face today.
  10. I matter and I make a difference.
  11. I am living to my full potential and will continue to do so.
  12. I have everything I need to face and overcome any obstacles that may come my way.
  13. Old, negative beliefs do not control me. I can release them and embrace the success of the future.
  14. I have new opportunities today and I will embrace them all with calmness, confidence, and power.
  15. I am intelligent, I am focused, and I can do this.
  16. I will think positively about myself and believe the best about myself and others.
  17. I can never fail because everything that happens will help me learn, grow, and be better.
  18. I have every reason to be joyful and thankful, and I will embrace new opportunities with joy and gratitude.
  19. I have the courage and the ability to create positive change in my life.
  20. I am worth it.
  21. I will find freedom, happiness, and purpose today.
  22. I am strong, confident, and important.
  23. My potential to succeed is limitless.
  24. I am motivated, energized, and capable of handling anything that comes my way.
  25. I am committed and I am consistent.
  26. I am and always will be more than enough.


You’ve probably heard it said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Your attitude and your beliefs about a particular situation or capability are far more relevant than you might realize. If you say and believe that you cannot do something, you likely will not do it. But if you say that you can and will do something, even if you doubt it or have clear obstacles, you’re more likely to figure out a way to overcome and accomplish what you set out to do.

The more you repeat these positive affirmations, the more you will believe them. At the same time, when you believe them wholeheartedly, you’ll be more likely to think about them and remember them even when you’re not reading them, meaning you can utilize the power behind them during a challenge or a low point in your journey. You can also post these affirmations around your home, car, or office, ensuring that you see them multiple times a day. Many people prefer to read these affirmations in front of a mirror, as if they’re speaking these encouraging truths to themselves like they would to a friend. Speak positively over yourself, your circumstances, your capabilities, and your future, and watch what happens.