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tedmundpoDr. Tedmund Po, MD

Dr. Po is a family practice doctor who prides himself on being there for his patients. He understands that his patient’s time is just as valuable as his own and tries to be as efficient as possible. Dr. Po makes it a priority to explain treatment options thoroughly so that his patients understand what they need to do to feel better. Dr. Po received his bachelor’s degree in biology from UCLA and went to medical school at UERM in the Philippines. He then continued with his residency at Kansas University and finished his fellowship ingeriatrics at the Los Angeles Medical Center.

“I pride myself on being able to communicate openly with my patients.”




Stonner06Dr. Patrick Stonner, DDS  

Dr. Stonner has been with NCHS for 20 years. He came from a family of dentists and started his career as a dentist in the Navy. Dr. Stonner has a passion for helping people and enjoys making their life easier in any way he can. Dr. Stonner believes that the key to prevention is education. He makes sure that each of his patients knows why they’re having problems and what they can do to improve and prevent them in the future.

 “Our role as healthcare provides is to educate people.”





Corrdero Taylor, LCSW 

Dr. Taylor came to NCHS for the opportunity to help those in need. He understands the importance of providing high quality healthcare to our underrepresented and underinsured communities. Dr. Taylor values and appreciates the integrated health care model that allows physicians, nurses, and behavioral health providers to collaborate and use their expertise to better address their patient’s healthcare needs. Dr. Taylor received his Associates of Liberal Arts from Los Angeles Harbor College and his Bachelors of Liberal Arts from California University Dominguez Hills and later received his Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California.

 I value the opportunity I have to help those in need of my services.”



Dr. Joseph A. Gilberto, Chiropractor

Joseph Gilberto was drawn to NCHS by their outstanding reputation. He heard through the provider community that NCHS is dedicated to their mission and makes every effort to enhance the work experience of their employees. Dr. Gilberto values education and was a teacher for most of his life. Before becoming a Chiropractor, he taught Spanish, speed reading, and ballroom dancing. When crossing over to the Chiropractic field, he knew he wanted to help his patients through a teacher’s perspective by educating them on proper nutrition, exercise, and biomechanics. Dr. Gilberto received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Cleveland Chiropractic College. He also holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Spanish with a Minor in Education. When he is not helping his patients, Dr. Gilberto enjoys golf and traveling with his wife.

I value the opportunity NCHS has given me to teach my patients about their health!







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