NCHS Oceanside Specialty Clinic –Now Open

We’ve expanded to serve you better! NCHS is excited to announce we’ve opened NCHS Oceanside Specialty Health Center offering dental, behavioral health, and chiropractic services on the coast.

Behavioral Health

All of our medical staff is not only highly trained but are very compassionate and are here for you.  We know that some conditions can be difficult to work through, our kind-hearted experts can help you understand the condition and how you can overcome it.  Our behavioral health team can treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and much more.


NCHS proudly offers dental health services at our new Oceanside Specialty Health Center to help keep you and your family’s smiles bright! Our dental experts can treat a variety of dental concerns that you may have from routine dental cleanings to root canals.


NCHS chiropractors focus on helping our patients identify the origin of their pain, as well as, giving them the treatment necessary to eliminate or reduce their pain. Chiropractic treatment allows patients to relieve the pain they’re experiencing in their lower back, neck, and spine.

Not only will this brand new facility be housing all of our specialty services, but it’s also helping us to expand to create more availability for you and your family!

If you have any questions regarding our services at NCHS Oceanside Specialty Health Center contact NCHS at (760) 736-6767 today to learn more.