National Senior Health & Fitness Day

This year on May 30th will mark the 25th anniversary of National Senior Health and Fitness Day, where over 100,000 seniors will participate in activities to promote a healthy, active, and fit lifestyle. This day is the largest annual, nationwide event that promotes health and wellness for older adults.

The Importance of Seniors’ Health & Fitness

As people are living longer and longer with each generation, the health and fitness level of seniors is becoming increasingly important. Not only are some older adults working longer, but many continue to lead incredibly active lifestyles, including participating in sports, hiking or running, caring for grandchildren daily, and more.

It is important for seniors to maintain their health and stay physically active. As people age, their activity level tends to reduce the older they get. By age 75, about one-third of men and one-half of women are not physically active at all. Unfortunately, it’s a double-edged sword, because the less physically active an older adult is, the faster they experience a loss of strength and stamina that is associated with old age. Regular physical activity is the key to improved senior health.

Benefits of Senior Fitness

Studies have shown that physical activity, even at low levels of intensity, can extend life expectancy by as much as 4.5 years! This applies to older adults as well as obese and overweight people. Regular physical activity also reduces the risk of falling and bone fractures, and it often helps older adults to live independently for longer. It can reduce blood pressure, feelings of depression or anxiety, and the risk of dying from coronary heart disease. Regular exercise also helps control swelling and pain from arthritis, and it helps seniors maintain strong muscles, bones, and joints.

Focus on Seniors’ Health Care

Older adults need to remain focused on their health care. In addition to staying active, eating well, and getting enough sleep, older adults should have annual wellness checks with their doctor. Here at NCHS, our approach for seniors’ health care is a whole-body focus that helps seniors achieve and maintain the best health they can.

To get involved in National Senior Health and Fitness Day, older adults can search for events to attend, go to local senior fitness classes, or begin a new physical activity at home, such as gardening or taking a walk.

This May 30th, be sure to promote and encourage seniors’ health care with your friends and family so that the older generation can stay fit and healthy for many more years.

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