April is National Minority Health & Health Disparities Month

National Minority Health & Health Disparities Month

National Minority Health & Health Disparities Month

Throughout the entire month of April, North County Health Services (NCHS) is bringing awareness to the National Minority Health & Health Disparities Month. This is an important time for NCHS because the organization has grown into large health network and non-profit to aid those of the community, especially those in minority groups.

The CEO of North County Health Services, Irma Cota, has strong ties to the community while growing up. Having originally worked as a young girl as a translator for fellow crop-pickers, she quickly rose to leadership positions that allowed her to grow the NCHS network into what it is today.

Raising Awareness

The National Minority Health Month is dedicated to raising awareness about disparities in health that affect racial and ethnic minorities around the world. While North County Health Services focuses primarily on providing awareness and services to the North County area, minorities all over the country face similar health disparities.

According to the Office of Minority Health the theme of the year is, “Accelerating Health Equity for the Nation.” Health equity is described as the differences in health care quality across different populations around the nation. Health equity differs from health equality, because health equity focuses on the differences and disparities in controllable aspects of health.

The initiative to raise awareness for minority health and disparities has grown tremendously in the past three decades. The gap in life expectancies have been narrowing, and minority groups are living longer and longer every year that passes. Health insurance coverage continues to grow, now covering more minorities than before. The number of families that could not afford health care are now finally able to enjoy the benefits through the Affordable Care Act.

Irma Cota understands the struggles that minorities have faced by personally living through it in her past. By leading NCHS, she helps to shape the North County and provide families the care that they need and may not have otherwise had access to. With the help of the Affordable Care Act, she has been able to assist even more families than before.

She realizes that there is still a lot of work to do in order to raise the level of health and reduce the disparity between different populations of people. She has opened multiple clinics all over the North County and continues to add new clinics, like those in Imperial and Riverside counties.

Available Health Services

For families looking to improve the quality of the health care that they receive, North County Health Services provides a robust set of health services for families, especially those of minorities throughout the North County. At NCHS we provide services for adult medicine, pediatric care, dental care, women’s health, behavioral health, pharmacies, x-rays and labs, and more.

If you or anyone in your family needs health care, contact us today at North County Health Services.