National Men’s Health Month

Every year during the month of June, we recognize and celebrate “National Men’s Health Month.” Throughout the month of June, we and many other organizations aim to promote the importance of maintaining good men’s health through screenings, health fairs, various media appearances, and other health oriented education and outreach initiatives.

Raising Awareness of Preventable Health Problems

The primary purpose of National Men’s Health Month is to raise awareness about health problems that could be prevented through early detection practices, as well as providing information about various treatments available for men of all ages.


Through the month of June, media, individuals, and organizations are given the opportunity to encourage men to seek regular checkups and medical advice in order to detect the early signs of disease and other injuries. Through early prevention, men can make health, dietary, or other lifestyle changes that will make recovery or further disease and injury prevention more successful.

What to Do During National Men’s Health Month

There are many things you can do to help promote a healthier lifestyle for yourself, for someone you care about, or for members of your organization. Below are just a handful of ideas to help you get started, no matter what day of the month it is!


  • Reevaluate your dietary habits.
  • Get a flu shot from your local doctor.
  • Organize a health fair (in nonprofits, wellness centers, offices, etc.).
  • Hand out informational pamphlets at local organizations (such as churches and wellness centers).
  • Wear blue clothing or accessories for a “Wear Blue Day” to help promote Men’s Health Month.
  • Get outdoors for fun and physically engaging activities (e.g., walking, bicycling, hiking, sports, etc.).
  • Visit your doctor for your regular wellness visit.


North County Health Services provides adult medicine and adult care services in order to help men of all ages maintain a healthier lifestyle. Through sick visits, wellness visits, medication, adult vaccinations (through our immunization clinic), early detection checks, and more, men will be able to stay at the top of their health while simultaneously increasing the chance of detecting more severe conditions in their earliest stages, when they will have the highest rate of cure or prevention.