National Health Center Week

The week of August 12th to the 18th is National Health Center Week. This week is a celebration of the accomplishments of health centers over the past several decades and it is an opportunity to bring awareness to the mission of health centers across the United States. Starting on Sunday, August 12th, each day will have a special focus area, and health centers and supporters have scheduled multiple events all across the country.

The week strives to celebrate the success of health centers in bringing affordable and quality care to those all across the United States, including those in communities who once did not have access to such care. It desires to enhance community support of local health centers and encourage the growth of national healthcare accessibility at these centers. In the midst of the nation’s healthcare crisis, health centers everywhere are banding together to provide high-quality care to those who most need it and to make a significant change in the health and wellbeing of all communities across the fifty states.

One of the main goals of National Health Center Week is to bring about more positive change in the healthcare sector. Public support and confidence in health centers leads to positive changes, including legislative triumphs, administrative policy modifications, and a more effective and beneficial healthcare system.

Celebrate National Health Center Week with NCHS


Here at NCHS, we are proud to be a valuable member of the healthcare community in San Diego and Riverside Counties. We have several locations throughout the area, and we are committed to serving anyone and everyone who walks through our doors with quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare. We have been able to reach and serve several low-income areas within North County, and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve all of our friends and neighbors.

Our health centers provide comprehensive services, including adult medicine, dental care, women’s health, pediatrics, mental health services, and so much more. We have in-house pharmacies, labs, and x-ray capabilities, and we offer flexible payment options for everyone who walks through our doors.

We are proud members of the health center family and the San Diego area community. We would be honored if you chose us to serve your medical needs, and we would love to celebrate National Health Center Week with you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment at one of our many locations in San Diego and Perris, CA.