National Cancer Survivor’s Day

On June 3, 2018, people across the country and the world will join together to celebrate National Cancer Survivor’s Day. This year will be the thirty-first annual celebration of life, and events will be happening in communities all throughout the United States. Several other countries will be participating in National Cancer Survivor’s Day as well, such as Australia, Canada, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and more. Here in the US, events will be happening across the states to celebrate life and bring awareness to the many challenges that cancer survivor’s face each and every day, even after their cancer is gone.

What Is National Cancer Survivor’s Day?

National Cancer Survivor’s Day encompasses several things: it is a celebration for cancer survivors, an inspiration for people who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, a support system for family members and loved ones of those affected by cancer, and an outreach event to bring awareness to local, national, and international communities. The celebration that occurs on this day each year is to show the world that even if someone receives a cancer diagnosis, they can still thrive. They can still live a full life that is both rewarding and inspiring. It brings attention to the struggles that cancer survivors face and simultaneously encourages them to live passionately and to the fullest extent possible.

What Happens on This Day?

The United States currently has more than 15.5 million cancer survivors, and on National Cancer Survivor’s Day, they can all band together with their loved ones to celebrate life, rejoice in reaching milestones, build relationships with other cancer survivors, and give much deserved recognition and thanks to those who have supported them throughout their survivorship.

Events will happen all across the US and the world, in both small and large communities. Cancer survivors, their families and friends, and medical professionals will gather at various locations where they will celebrate the life of the survivors and bring awareness to living as a cancer survivor. Many of the events will have sponsors, such as businesses or organizations, along with decorations, food, and entertainment that all point to the central theme of celebrating life. National Cancer Survivor’s Day is an opportunity to connect with other survivors and families who have been affected by cancer. It is a way to establish more support as a survivor and to join with other survivors to have the best life possible after cancer.

National Cancer Survivor’s Day Foundation

While support for those diagnosed with cancer has improved immensely, there are still some gaps in cancer care and the quality of life of cancer survivors that advocates are seeking to face head on. The National Cancer Survivor’s Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides support to hospitals and other cancer-related groups through education and educational materials, guidance and advice, and networking opportunities. The foundation also aims to draw attention to the difficulties of cancer survivorship with the hopes of attaining more research, resources, and legislative changes that will improve the lives of cancer survivors.

Bringing Hope to Survivors

Advancements in medical technology have allowed for more cases of early detection, cancer prevention, and excellent and successful care and treatment after a cancer diagnosis. Because of this, the cancer survival rate is up, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, the struggles of cancer don’t always end when the cancer is gone. Survivors can face financial difficulty, physical struggles, and emotional strain as they seek to regain a grasp on their new normal. In addition to all of those challenges, cancer survivors may struggle to find work, get covered by insurance, and recover physically from cancer treatments. Survivors are also at a greater risk than others of developing cancer again and having other serious health conditions.

National Cancer Survivor’s Day is just as much about honoring cancer survivors as it is about bringing awareness to the incredible challenges they face after treatment is over. More research needs to be done, both in terms of curing and treating cancer and improving quality of life after cancer, and more resources need to be poured into these things as well. More resources need to be made available to those facing a cancer diagnosis, and legislative changes need to happen so that cancer survivors have a better livelihood during and after cancer treatment.


Here at NCHS, we encourage everyone to attend a National Cancer Survivor’s Day event in your area this June 3. Support those triumphant warriors who have won the battle against cancer, and help your local community raise awareness about what life is really like as a cancer survivor. Support those affected by cancer and encourage those who are facing a recent cancer diagnosis. Encourage those in your community to be as proactive as possible about their health and to utilize preventative measures to the best of their abilities.