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    2210 Mesa Drive, Suite #5
    Oceanside, CA 92054

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    Women's Health
    Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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Mission Mesa Women’s Health Oceanside

Are you looking for reliable and affordable health care for women? North County Health Services has a wide range of women’s health services across numerous women’s health clinic locations. The Mission Mesa Women’s Health Center in Oceanside is just one of many locations that can provide women’s health care to you and your family.

Visit or call us at Mission Mesa Women’s Health Center in Oceanside to learn more about our services and how we can make your experience with pursuing women’s health a pleasant one!

Hours & Address

  • Women’s Health
    • Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm

Our medical staff can be contacted at:

  • (760) 736-8700 (phone)
  • (760) 967-4863 (fax)
  • Medical Record Requests (760) 566-1501 (fax)

The Mission Mesa women’s health care center can be found at:

2210 Mesa Drive, Suite #5
Oceanside, CA 92054

Access the map for directions.

Directions to the Oceanside Health Center:

  • Heading east or west on 14214 San Luis Rey Mission Expy
  • Turn onto Canyon Dr
  • Turn left onto Mission Ave
  • Turn right onto Mesa Dr

Mission Mesa Women’s Health Center

The Oceanside Women’s Health Center is a medical center, part of the North County Health Services (NCHS) and specializes primarily in women’s health. Here you can find a list of available health care service locations to suit your own individual and family needs.

The Oceanside health clinic and women’s health services can be found south of the 14214 San Luis Rey Mission Expressway at 2210 Mesa Drive, Suite #5 in Oceanside, CA 92054. The facility is located on the corner of Mission Avenue and Mesa Drive.

Mission Mesa, Oceanside Health Center Services

The Oceanside Health Center is a specialized facility that focuses on providing women with options for women’s health and family planning solutions.

Women’s health is an important part of any woman’s lifestyle. North County Health Services provides one of the most comprehensive Women’s Health programs in all of North County. We provide extensive services for pregnancy, delivery care, birth control, well-women annual exams, and much more at our Oceanside Women’s Health Center.

Pregnancy Services

At the Oceanside Mission Mesa Women’s Health Clinic and similar clinics in our NCHS network, our services include counseling, nutrition services, birthing classes, and delivery privileges. We’ll help you through every step and stage of your pregnancy from start to finish, so that you’ll feel confident and secure during the entire process.

Women’s Wellness Services

Stay healthy with women’s wellness services at the Mission Mesa women’s health clinic in Oceanside. When you visit North County Health Services, you’ll get access to birth control, family planning resources, well-woman exams, cervical cancer screenings and more.

Keeping yourself healthy is important not only for yourself, but for everyone in your family.

Benefits of Women’s Health Services

There are many reasons to visit a women’s health clinic and incorporate various women’s health services into your health routine. To name a few, visiting a women’s health center and maintaining good health habits can:

  • Increase the likelihood of preventing diseases. Your doctor can better predict conditions that may lead to a preventable disease. From there you’ll be able to make lifestyle and health changes to further reduce the risk of getting the disease.
  • Increase your overall mental health. While physical health is important, maintaining healthy mental health habits is often put second, even though it can greatly impact how one experiences their life. Mental health can sometimes be the precursor to a happy or a stressful life.
  • Make you feel confident about your health choices. Having a team behind you as you make important health-oriented decisions can help you feel more secure in the decisions you make. You’ll have a team of experts and a wealth of information to rely on.
  • Find services close to you. NCHS has a network of locations that provide a wide range of services, including women’s health services, to make it easier for you and your family to get the health care you need for a healthy life.

Women’s Health and Wellness Benefits the Whole Family

Women are naturally inclined to care for others and put others before themselves. While nurturing others, however, women tend to neglect their own health and wellness, often leading to exhaustion, sickness, and challenges for them. When a woman prioritizes her health and wellness, she is better able to help take care of her family and friends, leading to advantages for everyone in her life.

Whether you already make women’s health and wellness a top priority or not, NCHS is here to help. With our comprehensive women’s services, we can provide a number of well-woman services and sickness and injury care to keep women strong and healthy. From behavioral and mental health care to pregnancy services to wellness care and more, we prioritize women’s health and wellness at all of our NCHS locations, and we are here to serve the women in our community in any way we can. We know that when the woman of the family is healthy and thriving, the rest of the family benefits in a great and incredible way.

Since women’s health and wellness is so often put on the backburner, women often visit us with a number of concerns that have piled up over recent months or years. No matter what you’re facing or what questions you have, we are here to help. One of our top women’s health and wellness services includes behavioral and mental health services. Women often suffer in silence with things like depression, anxiety, and more. Not only can we provide a listening ear to all of our patients, but we can also provide a number of behavioral health services to help you improve your life and wellbeing. From psychotherapy to medication to support groups and more, our behavioral health specialists are here to serve you and improve your life.

Another huge component of women’s health and wellness is screenings and well-woman exams. We can take care of most of your concerns and questions in one single visit, from pap smears to cervical cancer screenings to diabetes management and so much more. We can assist you with birth control and family planning, as well as nutritional counseling, chronic disease management, cardiovascular treatment, illnesses, and injuries. No matter what you’re facing or what questions you have, women’s health and wellness is a top priority at NCHS, and we believe it should be a top priority for you and your family as well.

NCHS Network Medical Services

Enjoy access to an array of medical solutions and well-being services to improve the quality of your and your family’s life. Each location specializes in one or more services. Contact us today to learn which location has the services you need most.

  • Adult MedicineSports physicals, immunizations, disease prevention, chronic disease management, diabetes prevention/management, minor surgeries and more are available at our adult medicine locations.
  • Pediatric CareReceive professional pediatric care for your children: dental care, sports/school physicals, asthma treatment, ADD/ADHD treatment, obesity screening/prevention/management, immunizations, and more.
  • Dental CareFind dental care within the NCHS network: deep cleanings, routine exams, extractions, fillings, sealings to combat tooth decay, and more.
  • Women’s HealthAt the Mission Mesa, Oceanside facility, receive women’s healthcare tailored specifically to your needs: family planning, nutrition services, birthing classes, delivery privileges, counseling, wellness exams, and more.
  • Behavioral HealthTreat and find solutions for depression, anxiety, pain management, bipolar disorder, attention deficit issues, and more at NCHS.
  • PharmacyProfessional pharmacists at the Oceanside (Loma Alta) Health Center provide discounted rates and medication refills.
  • Lab & X-RayWhether you’re insured or not, the NCHS network has affordable lab & X-ray procedures, exams, and more as needed at the San Marcos Health Center.
  • MyHealthAs a valued patient of the NCHS network, you will receive access to valuable information and tools with MyHealth: online refill requests for medication, contact with providers, lab results, and the status of any referrals.

Learn more about our other locations to discover which center is closest to you and suits your medical needs. While our Oceanside women’s health clinic focuses on the treatment of women, you can find other services available at nearby locations.

Find Medical Services Today

Enjoy affordable health care with the NCHS Mission Mesa, Oceanside location, featuring a women’s health clinic. Our women’s health center can help women of all ages with all of their medical and/or family planning needs. Contact us at (760) 736-8700 to schedule an appointment or learn more about the Oceanside Women’s Health Center! Find additional NCHS locations to find health care services near you.

The NCHS Mission Mesa, Oceanside women’s health clinic is proud to offer the best and most affordable women’s health care services. Make an appointment at our Oceanside location today.