June is Oral Health Month

Let’s face it – going to the dentist is never something that we are thrilled to see on our to-do list, but it is one of those appointments that is important to not just our oral hygiene, but also to our overall health. Whether you need a teeth cleaning or require a different dental service, you can count on NCHS to provide you with quality and affordable care. Here we break down for you the primary reasons why you should not put off making that appointment with a dental hygienist, and what you can expect when you do go to your next appointment. We’ll also take a look at the importance of child dental checkups and how regular dentist visits during childhood can set your kids up for a lifetime of excellent oral health. 

The Primary Reasons Dental Services Are Important

There are many reasons why dental services like deep teeth cleaning and cavity filling are so important. First, you can prevent oral diseases by utilizing good oral hygiene habits. If you do start to see any preliminary signs that there might be a problem, you can tackle them early and get ahead of them. If you can take care of a cavity when it’s small, you may be able to avoid more intrusive dental services like a crown or a root canal, and your teeth will stay healthier for longer when they are being checked regularly.

In some cases, a dentist will be able to detect other diseases based on oral areas like the gums. Heart issues and other physical health problems may be discovered during a dental health checkup, and when these are found early, you will be able to improve and adjust your lifestyle so that you can keep strokes, heart disease, and other health troubles away.

Beyond preventing major physical and oral health problems, when you keep up with your dental cleaning schedule, you will discover that your smile is brighter and your breath is fresher. Having confidence when you flash those pearly whites is going to make a difference whether you have a job interview or are having your picture taken. Even just smiling and waving to your neighbor will be more fun when you keep up with your dental visits. 

If you have kids, your dental appointments are almost as important as theirs. And that’s not just because your teeth need to be cleaned too. That is true, but it’s also about leading by example and being a good role model for your children. If they hear you telling them how important oral hygiene is but you also avoid going to the dentist or constantly cancel appointments, they’re going to make a mental note of that. Don’t expect your children to “do as I say, not as I do,” since we all know that doesn’t ever work the way we hope. Show your kids that taking care of yourself is important for a number of reasons, and make and come to regular dental checkups just like you expect them to do both when they’re young and when they grow up. 


The Importance of Child Dental Checkups

Dental check-ups are, of course, important for everyone in your family. But they are especially important for children, no matter how young or old they are. Dental check-ups should begin as soon as your child develops their baby teeth, or at least by their first birthday. The foundation for healthy permanent teeth is built during your child’s earliest years, so the earlier you can get started with dental hygiene for your entire family, the better off you will all be.

There are a number of reasons that make dental hygiene and regular check-ups important, especially for young children. North County Health Services (NCHS) provides dental services for both children and adults of all ages, but here we explain the importance of dental visits for children. 


Prevents Tooth Decay & Cavities

Everyone, including children, is at risk of tooth decay and cavities, but children tend to be more at risk due to their teeth brushing habits and skills and their increased likelihood of consuming sugar. Getting started early with proper dental check-ups and routine dental hygiene visits can reduce and eliminate the risk of tooth decay, which leads to the development of cavities. The sooner you can get your child into regular dental check-ups, the healthier their mouth and oral hygiene will be.

Without dental check-ups, tooth decay and cavities will not only destroy the child’s teeth, but it can even lead to unwelcome pain, lack of concentration, as well as other medical issues. 


Advice for Proper Dental Hygiene

Regular dental check-ups give parents the opportunity to speak to dental professionals about keeping their children’s teeth cavity-free and as healthy as possible. The dentist will be able to provide tips and suggestions to help prevent future cavities, how to prevent tooth decay in between dental visits, how to help with thumb sucking or nail-biting, and much more. 


Develop Better Dental Hygiene Practices

Our dental professionals are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable. The more you visit your dental hygienist, the more you’ll learn about dental care. The information you gain from your dentist will allow you to develop better dental hygiene practices for both yourself and your growing children. The more consistent your child’s dental habits are when they’re young, the healthier their teeth will be in the many years to come. 


What You’ll Notice Beyond Oral Health

 When it comes to dental visits for both adults and children, you’ll get a lot out of each dentist visit. Beyond the substantial oral health improvements that you get when you make appointments for cleaning and cavity filling, you will notice even more benefits when you go to your regular dental visits. By taking advantage of dental services like fluoride treatments, you will save yourself hundreds (if not thousands) by preventing major treatments, and you’ll get more out of your dental plan.

 You’ll also prevent and remove the pain that can occur when you require treatments like tooth extractions or root canals. Chronic tooth pain can have a negative impact on your daily life and be a distraction when you are spending time with family, trying to relax, or working. When you want to be running on all cylinders, don’t just push through tooth and gum pain, but call NCHS and make a dental appointment to get to the root of the issue and correct it.

When you and your family schedule and go to regular visits with the dentist, you will experience peace of mind knowing that you are setting a good example for your kids and that everyone is applying the best oral care practices. You will also reduce the risk of more serious dental work needing to be done in the future because you are utilizing preventative care techniques and having a checkup done regularly. 


What You Can Expect When You Make an Appointment

Now that you know why getting those regular treatments like a tooth filling is important, you may wonder what to expect when you visit the dentist. Whether you need a regular cleaning or you are having a more involved procedure done, such as a root canal, you can expect to be surrounded by knowledgeable and friendly professionals throughout the entirety of your visit. The dental offices at NCHS are always clean and comfortable, and the staff will communicate with you about what you can expect when it comes to appointment time frames, affordable payments, and dental services provided.

You can also expect the dentists and hygienists to use the best practices for keeping a sterile and clean environment, as well as using the most advanced equipment to simplify your procedure and give you the best results. Dentistry has improved over the years with newer technologies, and this simply makes treatments such as wisdom tooth extraction more comfortable and effective. NCHS boasts top of the line equipment and professional techniques that make every dental visit as pain-free and easy as possible. 

Available Dental Treatments at NCHS

NCHS provides a number of dental treatments. When you visit one of our dental clinics, you and your family will have access to the best dental care in the area. Our services are extremely comprehensive, so if you need multiple procedures done, we can usually do all of them for you rather than sending you off to various specialists. We will try our best to accommodate all of your services into one appointment as well, allowing you to get it all done in one sitting rather than coming back multiple times. We can also schedule multiple family members on the same day so that you aren’t making various trips to the same office for different children and for yourself.

The following dental treatments are available to both adults and children: 

  •       Routine Hygiene Exams
  •       Regular Cleanings
  •       Deep Cleanings
  •       Sealants
  •       Root Canals
  •       Fluoride Treatments
  •       Fillings and Filling Repairs
  •       Extractions
  •       Denture Fittings

We can even provide a second opinion or diagnostic exams to ensure that you’re getting the correct treatment for your particular dental need. Several of our NCHS clinics provide dental services, including our San Marcos, Ramona, Oceanside Dental, Oceanside Specialty, and Perris locations.

If you have not visited the dentist in some time or you are not sure exactly what services are right for you, the best place to start is to schedule a routine exam. The dentist will be able to get an idea of your overall oral health and will be able to guide you toward the right treatment if necessary. Don’t hesitate any longer to schedule your dental service exam with NCHS


What About Low-Income Patients and Service Affordability?

If you are concerned about the cost of your dental care or if you don’t have dental insurance, don’t stress. NCHS is committed to providing quality and comprehensive dental care to all patients, regardless of insurance coverage or income. We provide affordable services with discounted self-pay options to help everyone in our community have access to excellent dental care.

 We know that root canals, cleanings, and everything in between can be intimidating when you aren’t sure about the cost, and that is why we welcome you to reach out with questions. We are here to make sure you get the dental care you deserve at an affordable cost to you, and we look forward to scheduling an appointment for you soon! 


Celebrate Oral Health Month with NCHS

Although June is the only month of the year that is officially considered oral health month, here at NCHS, we like to act like every month is oral health month! After all, you should never take a day off when it comes to taking care of your teeth, gums, and mouth, so why not celebrate oral health all year round? We invite you to make an appointment with NCHS to get high-quality affordable dental care right in your neighborhood. With our dental services, you’ll be paired with a professional dentist who is highly educated, expertly trained, and incredibly helpful. Our dental staff can help you with your dental needs, whether you need dental services for yourself or your children. We look forward to serving you in one of our many locations soon.