Importance of Dental Health Services

Dental health is hugely important, but it is often overlooked as a vital part of overall healthcare. Not only should adults and children be practicing good dental hygiene on a daily basis, but they should also be visiting a nearby dentist regularly for dental checkups at least once per year, if not every six months.

The dental health services at NCHS are far-reaching, meaning that we not only offer many different services but also that we serve individuals in a wide service area. Our dental services include basic services like teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments, but they also include more expansive services like deep cleanings, tooth fillings, extractions, root canal treatments, denture fittings, and more. We aim to serve you in a comprehensive way that covers all of your dental care needs so that you can experience the same quality of care from the same staff members throughout every aspect of your dental care and treatment. Many of our NCHS locations have dental care services available, and we would be honored to take care of you and your family by providing you with optimal oral health and taking care of all your dental services.

Not only are regular checkups important, but if you do need additional dental services, it’s best to get those taken care of right away. Our team can do all of these things, and we’ll work with you when it comes to scheduling, payment, and ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the entirety of your appointments. Don’t make the mistake of putting off important dental work, as that can only lead to more serious problems in the future and bring about more pain and discomfort for you in the meantime. Schedule your dental health appointment with NCHS today and rest assured that our team will provide you with quality care when it comes to all the important aspects of oral health.


Improved Oral Hygiene

Everyone knows that oral hygiene is important, but not everyone has learned how to properly brush, floss, and take care of their teeth. Our dentists and dental hygienists will not only assess your teeth for any issues or problem areas, but they will also give you tips on how to improve your oral hygiene. They will ask you how often you brush and floss, for how long you brush, and what kind of toothbrush and toothpaste you use. They’ll give you tips on how to do a better job of caring for your teeth, and they’ll let you know when it’s important to seek a dentist’s advice on a potential dental problem.


Oral Disease Prevention

Gum disease is a very predominant problem in the US, and is one dental issue that is largely preventable. When discovered early, gum disease is extremely treatable and even reversible. But if it isn’t discovered until it’s much more advanced, gum disease is very difficult to reverse or even treat, and more drastic measures often have to be taken to address and eliminate the problem. In addition to oral diseases, a lack of oral hygiene and regular dental visits can bring about tooth decay, cavities, and tooth loss. The same is true with tooth decay in that the earlier it is found, the easier it is to treat.


Better Overall Health

Oral health is directly related to your overall health. Many people don’t know this, but your dental health can tell a medical professional a lot about your overall physical health. Heart attacks and strokes are often linked to gum disease, and blood pressure is also connected to your oral health. It’s also common for individuals with better oral health to take better care of themselves physically. This includes eating well, staying active, and making good lifestyle choices. A good diet is better for your oral health and physical health, and the more aware you are of your current oral health status, the better equipped you will be to make good diet choices for better health moving forward. Dentists can make recommendations about your lifestyle choices to help you be as healthy as possible both in your oral habits and otherwise. They can offer advice on how to improve certain habits that can impact your oral health, such as smoking, drinking soda, drinking coffee, and eating sweets. Dentists can also give you tips on how to have better breath, which is often linked to gum disease and poor oral health.


Minimize Complications

When you get regular dental checkups and utilize dental health services as you need them, you minimize the likelihood of having complications and needing additional dental services. For example, if a cavity goes unnoticed or doesn’t get taken care of fast enough, it can lead to more extreme decay that may require a tooth extraction, a crown, or a root canal. Advanced gum disease may lead to tooth extractions, dental implants, or other oral surgeries. As with most things that involve health, the sooner you address an issue, the better off you’ll be. Avoiding a small problem will not benefit you at all. In fact, it will likely just compound to a bigger problem and end up costing you more time and money to get it resolved. All dental health services performed at NCHS have your health and wellbeing in mind as the top priority. We understand that money can be tight and dental care may be low on the list of priorities when it comes to spending, but NCH works closely with anyone who needs quality dental care services for an affordable rate. Don’t put off regular dental checkups or basic dental work if you want to avoid later complications and additional problems.


Set a Good Example

Kids are so often products of their environments, and they tend to follow the example of those caring for them. This means that parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and family friends teach young kids about what’s important and what matters in life. You can say all day long how important dental health care is to your children, but if they see you putting off good oral hygiene and avoiding dental appointments, they will follow suit. We know you want the best for your kids, and sometimes that starts with taking care of yourself first so that they can follow your good example. About 86% of children will have a cavity before they are 17 years old, and about 20% of kids have an untreated cavity at any given time. Teach your kids not only how to brush and floss properly, but also encourage them to attend dentist appointments and follow through on dental service recommendations to keep their oral health as top-notch as possible.


Confident Smiles

Finally, one of the most important but often overlooked benefits of utilizing dental health services is the confidence it provides. Being confident in your smile cannot be overstated. It’s not about vanity or pride or being shallow—it’s about good self-esteem and having a belief in yourself that you are valued and beautiful. You are worth the time and money it takes to get dental services, and you deserve to have a winning smile and the confidence that it provides. Having good dental hygiene includes not only brushing and flossing and ensuring your breath smells nice, but it’s also about taking care of dental problems, having the whitest and straightest teeth you can, and taking good care of yourself from the inside out.

To learn more about the dental health services provided by NCHS, contact us at the location nearest you today. We provide dental care for the entire family, including pediatric dentistry and specialty dental services. We look forward to serving you and your family and helping you achieve the best oral health and the best smile.