If you haven’t scheduled any birthing classes yet, now may be the perfect time, especially if you’re already pregnant or considering getting pregnant. Scheduling yourself (and your partner) for birthing classes will help you to become more familiarized with a very important part of your pregnancy. Even if you’ve already had a child before, taking birthing classes can help to refresh your memory about best practices, remind you about what to expect, and introduce you to new discoveries in the birthing world since you’ve last had a class.  NCHS childbirth teachers have received training from Spinning BabiesTM Birthing from WithinTM and Lamaze.

At North County Health Services, we’re committed to helping you feel absolutely confident and comfortable with the entire pregnancy process, from start to finish. Going into labor can be both an exciting and a scary time, especially for first time mothers. But when you take childbirth classes and get introduced to what to expect, coping strategies, and more, you’ll begin to feel more confident to the process.  Our midwives can help you decide what is important to you during this amazing process and preparing you for it!

Pregnancy classes are designed to make you feel confident and well-informed about the entire process. All participants (including the mother, father, or other family members you bring with you) are highly encouraged to ask questions. You are encouraged to bring anyone who may support you in labor to our birthing classes. We will work as a team with your midwife and doctor to ensure mom and baby are happy and healthy. If there’s ever a time you feel uncertain or want clarification, we’re happy to go into more details so that you’ll feel more secure about your pregnancy or the labor process.

Birthing Classes San Diego

Local Birthing Classes

If you’re looking for childbirth classes “near me,” then let us at North County Health Services get you started. Below you’ll find our main health centers that assist families with their pregnancies. If you’re looking to get started with your pregnancy classes or need other pregnancy services, check out the locations below:

Giving Birth 101 – Everything you need to know!

Mix and match the following FREE classes throughout your pregnancy!

  1. How to Survive your First Trimester Tips for coping with nausea, spotting, moodiness, fatigue and other symptoms
  2. Is this Normal? Your changing body during pregnancy
  3. What’s Oxytocin got to do with it? Learn how labor happens
  4. How to help the Oxytocin Flow! How to cope in labor
  5. Cesarean Birth – Everything you need to know
  6. The New Boss at your House – Caring for your newborn
  7. Now What? Self-care and the new normal after baby is born

No matter what health center or women’s health center you visit or call, our staff is friendly and respectful. We help each of our patients and clients get the best treatment or education that they’re looking for so that they can live a healthy life and make their pregnancy as smooth as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about childbirth classes and how much they can help you, regardless if you’re about to become a first time mother or you’ve already had children before. Scheduling a class, asking questions, and getting updated about more recent best practices can give you the confidence to feel secure about your pregnancy and the labor process.

We offer both group and individual classes. For more information and to register, please
ask your prenatal coordinator or call (760) 736-6727.

Here are some helpful resources recommended by our Certified Nurse Midwives: