Virtual health is the means of using technology to get medical attention for non-emergency situations. It allows patients to interact with doctors through telephone, video chats, text messages, and other internet-based platforms. It can be used for the diagnosis of minor conditions and illnesses, management of a chronic ailment, and more. NCHS is proud to offer virtual health services to individuals in North County San Diego and the Perris, Riverside area, along with all the amazing benefits of this fantastic healthcare service.

Benefits of Virtual Health

In a world where quick answers and immediate solutions are so sought-after, it only makes sense that the healthcare world follows suit. Virtual health, also known as telemedicine, has been on the rise for quite some time, and we expect it to continue to increase in availability and accessibility in the foreseeable future.

Virtual Health Saves Time & Money

One of the biggest challenges with healthcare is the time and money that it takes to get the quality care and services that individuals and families need. It can be difficult to take time off work, secure transportation, get childcare covered, and get to your appointment. Additionally, doctors’ appointments cost money. Whether you have insurance or go to an affordable self-pay clinic, the costs of healthcare can be substantial. Tele-medicine appointments tend to be more affordable upfront, and they minimize all the time off, travel time, and additional expenses that normal appointments require.

Virtual Health Is Comprehensive & Effective

Virtual health appointments at NCHS will give you access to a wide range of doctors, ensuring that your issue or concern is addressed promptly and thoroughly. Additionally, virtual visits can be just as effective as in-person visits, and they still provide the quality of care and attention to detail that regular doctors’ appointments do.

Virtual Health Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should I See a Doctor Online?

In addition to the benefits listed above, virtual health appointments are affordable, less time consuming, and just as thorough as normal doctors’ appointments.

When Should I Use NCHS’s Virtual Health Services?

While virtual health appointments won’t replace regular wellness checks or emergency room visits, you can utilize our services for many other health care needs. While NCHS can typically offer same-day appointments at most of our clinics, you may wish to schedule a virtual health visit if you cannot or do not wish to travel to our physical location. Telemedicine services are a great option if you need something simple diagnosed, such as a cold, pink eye, a rash, seasonal allergies, a cough, or the flu.

How Much Does a Virtual Health Appointment Cost?

The final cost will depend on your particular appointment and needs. Your insurance may cover the cost, but even if you are a self-pay patient, appointments with NCHS are always affordable.

Is My Privacy Protected?

Not only is your appointment completely confidential and private, but your information and communication with your doctor are both completely safe and secure due to our state-of-the-art technology and privacy capabilities.

In order to give our patients the care they need, NCHS offers virtual visits. Call or text us at (760) 736-6767 to see if a virtual visit with one of our providers may be right for you.