FREE Transportation Services

Due to Covid-19 we are temporarily not offering transportation services. You can find updates to Locations and Services offered here.

If you have a non-emergency medical need or have a scheduled doctor’s appointment, it’s important that you can get to your NCHS clinic to be taken care of. If you don’t have access to a vehicle or public transportation, or if you simply need an alternative mode of transportation, NCHS has you covered.

We offer free medical transportation services to get you to and from our clinics so we can help you be as healthy as possible. Transportation services from NCHS can help you when you’re in a pinch and really need to get to that appointment, and they can help you feel confident about getting the medical care that you and your family require and deserve.

You can schedule your free medical transportation to one of our NCHS locations by calling (760) 736-6791 or you can schedule free transportation services online. We recommend setting up your free medical transportation services 7 to 10 days before your appointment.

If you need transportation sooner than a week away, get in touch with NCHS and we’ll see what we can do. If we cannot accommodate your transportation needs, you may be able to get transportation through your health insurance. 

Health Insurance Transportation Services:

Your health insurance may cover free transportation for you to appointments, so if you’re unable to schedule transportation in advance with NCHS, you likely still have some options. In most cases, health insurance will cover transportation to medical, dental, mental health, and substance use disorder appointments. They may also cover trips to pick up prescriptions and medical supplies in some cases. 

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan (Formerly Care 1st): Call (877) 433-2178 to schedule transportation.

This managed care organization offers Medi-Cal, Cal MediConnect, Medicare Advantage HMO, and Dual Eligible Special needs Plans. Transportation should be arranged at least 24 hours before it is needed. Some restrictions apply regarding physical location of individuals or health clinics. 

Medi-Cal: Contact plan member’s service department to arrange transportation.

Two types of transportation services are provided by Medi-Cal: non-emergency medical transport, which includes transport in an ambulance, wheelchair van, or other vehicle to be used by those who cannot utilize public or private transportation; and nonmedical transportation, which includes individuals who do not have any other way of getting to an appointment.  

Medicare: Contact your plan carrier or doctor to determine if you are eligible for Medicare transportation services.

Some Medicare Advantage plans cover non-emergency medical transport to and from appointments, but most Medicare Part A and Part B plans do not include non-emergency transportation. In most cases, the transportation will be covered if it is ordered by a doctor as medically necessary, but it’s best to check with your plan carrier. 

CHG: Call (800) 224-7766 to set up transportation services through Community Health Group.

Non-emergency transportation is available for those enrolled in CHG for up to 36 one-way trips to or from a doctor’s appointment each year. 

IEHP: Call (800) 440-4347 to arrange for appropriate transportation through Inland Empire Health Plan.

If you are able to travel on public transportation, IEHP will provide bus passes for transport to medical appointments. If you cannot utilize busses or if your area does not have public transportation available, you may be eligible for transport in an Uber. If you are unable to travel in a car or bus, you may qualify for non-emergency medical transport, which your doctor will have to submit information for in order to gain you access. 

Public Transportation Schedules & Information:

If you are capable of traveling on public transit systems, you may be able to get to your appointment with these transportation services. Visit the websites below to view transit schedules and determine which routes to take to get to your local NCHS clinic. 

North County Transit District:

Metropolitan Transit System:

Riverside Transit Agency:

Transportation FAQs

Does Medi-Cal provide transportation to appointments?

Yes, Medi-Cal does cover transportation to medical appointments in most cases. Non-emergency medical transport is available for those unable to utilize public or private transportation, and nonmedical transportation is available for those without their own transportation.

Does Social Security offer transportation services?

In most cases, social security will provide transportation to those unable to get to appointments. Those with Medicare typically only need a note from their doctor stating that they need transportation.

Will Medicare pay for medical transportation?

Some Medicare Advantage plans will cover transportation, though not all Part A and Part B plans include it.

Transportation Services with NCHS

NCHS is here to help you, both by providing quality and affordable health care services and by helping you get to your appointments with our free medical transportation services. Contact us today for more information regarding any of our services.

Please call (760) 736-6791 or submit a ride request online here. We will do our best to accommodate your transportation needs.