Keeping your children active and healthy is a priority of every parent. It’s especially important during their school years, because it allows them to be active for their favorite sports, as well as develop healthy habits that will carry with them into their life beyond childhood and education.

Getting a kids physical exam is required for most school sports. North County Health Services can provide your family with a sports physical exam to prepare them for any type of active, extracurricular activity.

Kids Sport Physical Exams

Not only is a kids physical exam required for most sports in school, but they can help you as a family to identify any health concerns that may not have been apparent. A physical exam for kids is like a “health overview” that can give you peace of mind about the health of your child.

What’s expected during a kids physical exam?

When you visit for a kids physical exam, you can expect your child to be measured (e.g., height and weight), have questions asked about his or her lifestyle and school activities, get immunizations, and allow you to ask questions you may be curious or concerned about.

The physical examination process is designed to help get an overview of the child’s health and give the pediatrician an insight into their lifestyle and activities at school. These are both important because they give the doctor the ability to make recommendations or disclaimers about the activity they are getting involved in or other health complications that may have been detected.

How can we prepare for a child’s physical exam?

It’s often best to talk with your child about what they can expect during a physical exam, but we recommend not talking about shots or immunizations. Some children may start to worry and stress over the possibility of getting a shot for days or even weeks in advance. The calmer and more reassuring you can be, the better off your children will be, as it will help them to feel like getting a physical exam is not a big deal and is not only normal, but not going to be an uncomfortable experience.

Kids Physical Exams

Pediatrician Locations for Kids Sports Physicals

North County Health Services has numerous pediatricians that can administer a kids sports physical, should you need one for school or extracurricular activities. Check out any of the following locations for your sports physical exam needs:

  • Perris: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care
  • San Marcos: Adult Medicine, Behavioral Health, Dental, Lab and X-Ray, Pediatric Care, Pharmacy and Women’s Health
  • Ramona: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care, Dental Care and Women’s Health
  • Mission Mesa: Specialization for Pediatric Care
  • Oceanside: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care and Pharmacy
  • La Mision: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care
  • Encinitas: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care and Women’s Health
  • Carlsbad: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care


Contact us today at North County Health Services to schedule an appointment with our pediatrician for your kids physical exam! A physical examination will clear your children for sports and extracurricular activities, as well as give your family an overview of their overall health.