From newborns to adolescents, there are so many different facets of “good health” that need to be maintained in order to help children grow and stay healthy. One such facet, no less important than the rest, is their hearing ability.

NCHS provides families with a hearing test for children and will ensure that a newborn hearing screening was performed in order to assist with identifying hearing complications early on in a child’s life. The earlier that they can be identified, the better treatment can be.

Newborn Hearing Test

A baby hearing test is best done as early as possible.  We know that there is a lot that goes into getting a newborn ready for your family, but thankfully, it’s common practice to get a hearing test done at the hospital after your baby is born.  This reduces scheduling complications by taking care of the hearing test before you even leave the hospital.  Occasionally, a baby does not pass their hearing test and a follow up hearing test will be scheduled after your baby leaves the hospital.

Getting a hearing test done for your newborn as early as possible is critical for spotting any hearing conditions that may be present. This allows you and your family to discuss treatment options, which can improve hearing capabilities before conditions or damage becomes too severe to treat. In other words, the earlier you start, the better chance you have at getting proper treatment or getting more effective solutions in the case of full hearing loss.

Hearing Tests For Children

Hearing Tests for Children

Sometimes symptoms of hearing loss can show themselves long after a child has been born. A hearing test for children is still available to help diagnose any hearing issues. Whether you’re getting an infant hearing test or a hearing test for toddlers, they will be instrumental in identifying issues and providing your pediatric doctor with information to suggest the best solution for your situation.

A hearing test for children, regardless of age, is typically painless and very quick. Most tests can be completed in a matter of minutes, unless further hearing complications have been discovered. It’s possible that if a hearing condition is identified that you will be recommended to a specialist for childhood hearing problems (an audiologist).

Pediatric Physical Locations for Children Hearing Tests

You can get a children’s hearing test at any of our locations below!

  • Perris: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care
  • San Marcos: Adult Medicine, Behavioral Health, Dental, Lab and X-Ray, Pediatric Care, Pharmacy and Women’s Health
  • Ramona: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care, Dental Care and Women’s Health
  • Mission Mesa: Specialization for Pediatric Care
  • Oceanside: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care and Pharmacy
  • La Mision: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care
  • Encinitas: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care and Women’s Health
  • Carlsbad: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care

Contact us today at NCHS if you have not yet had a hearing test completed for your child. Regardless of what age or how long it’s been since your last test, we can help you to identify any hearing issues that your child may have.