As a parent, we know how busy you are with keeping your children active in sports, busy with their education, and staying healthy. One important facet of keeping children health is taking part in regular dentistry for kids. Oral hygiene is an extremely important part of helping your children stay healthy throughout all of their school years and for life beyond school.

Pediatric Friendly Dentist

Having a trustworthy and reliable dentist can make the difference between a child’s good hygiene and dental complications in the future. This is why it’s so important that you find a local pediatric friendly dentist that you can rely on. NCHS can provide you with access to a reliable and professional children’s friendly dentist that can help with all types of dental situations and goals.

Our healthcare network puts you in touch with a pediatric friendly dentist that can treat all ages of children, from babies to adolescents. We make it as easy as possible for you to get the dentistry for children that is necessary to not only keeping teeth clean and cavity free, but each pediatric friendly dentist will help to instill healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime.

How early should I bring my newborn in to the dentist for his/her first visit?

Visiting a dentist for children is recommended as early as his or her first tooth appears, but also no later than the child’s first birthday.

How often should my child visit a dentist?

In most cases, we recommend that your child visits their kid’s dentist at least twice a year, once every 6 months. This allows the dentist to perform regular dental cleanings and to encourage the child to maintain good dental hygiene habits.

Depending on the state of the child’s teeth, his/her dental habits, checkups may be recommended more often to monitor any dental issues or to better maintain dental hygiene until their own habits can be developed.

Dentistry for children is important for the overall health of the child. We recommend finding a local pediatric friendly dentist as early as possible for your child.

Childrens Dentist 

Why Visits to a Local Pediatric Dentist Are Important

Most new parents are shocked to learn that they should be taking their child to a local pediatric dentist before they even turn one year old. Most dentists actually recommend that children go to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears, which could be as early as around six months of age. While some parents don’t follow these guidelines, it’s extremely important for many reasons that children begin going to the dentist early in life and continue going regularly.

Taking your kids to a child’s dentist will teach you and them about good oral health habits. They will learn how to brush and floss properly, how important it is that they maintain good oral health, and how to avoid preventable dental decay. Tooth decay is actually considered the most common chronic disease among children, and yet much of it is easily preventable with good habits and proper oral hygiene. It’s important for both parents and children to learn how to improve the health of their teeth and gums from the beginning so that they are set up for a lifetime of good oral health.

More than half of all elementary-aged children have some amount of dental decay that could have been prevented. About one in five school-aged kids has seven or more cavities! Knowing what causes this and how to avoid it is a key part in keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy for their lifetime. Many parents don’t realize that allowing kids to fall asleep drinking juice or milk is a huge contributing factor in their tooth decay early in life. Additionally, even breastfeeding an infant with teeth throughout the nighttime can be detrimental to their teeth. The more parents know about things like this, the easier it will be for them to help their children avoid unnecessary dental decay.

Another important part of getting dental care for kids is about finding problems early. A child who develops cavities early on in life is more likely to develop more as they get older, and if those cavities aren’t dealt with promptly, they will worsen and cause more dental concerns. Oral health is directly linked to physical health in a number of ways, so ensuring your child has a healthy mouth is extremely important to their overall wellbeing.

Additionally, establishing good oral health habits at an early age will lead to your child valuing their oral health more as they get older, leading to fewer dental problems later in life. The earlier a child is taken to a local pediatric dentist, the more likely he is to be comfortable visiting a child’s dentist in the future.

Pediatric Friendly Dentist Locations

Finding a children’s dentist for your family is important. This is why we at NCHS have so many pediatric centers that specialize in taking care of children and providing dental care. Check out the following locations to learn more or contact us with any questions that you have.

  • Perris: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care
  • San Marcos: Adult Medicine, Behavioral Health, Dental, Lab and X-Ray, Pediatric Care, Pharmacy and Women’s Health
  • Ramona: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care, Dental Care and Women’s Health
  • Mission Mesa: Specialization for Pediatric Care
  • Oceanside: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care and Pharmacy
  • La Mision: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care
  • Encinitas: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care and Women’s Health
  • Carlsbad: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care

Contact us today at NCHS to learn more about our child dental services. Keeping your children healthy, including their dental hygiene, is an important aspect of raising a child and our team at NCHS want to assist you in every way we can. Give us a call to schedule your first appointment with one of our dentists that specialize in kid’s dental care.