Pediatric Care in North County San Diego and Riverside County

When your children get sick or injured, it can feel like the world comes to a halt, especially for families who are new to having children or families that experience an unusual medical situation. Our providers at North County Health Services (NCHS) are here to help you take care of your children and keep them as healthy as possible.


From minor scratches to major illnesses, each member on our pediatrics team is highly trained and very knowledgeable in pediatric care. We’re committed to providing your family with the health care they need to stay in good health. With quality pediatric care, there is no reason your child should remain sick or left untreated. Each pediatric center in our NCHS network has affordable payment options and other payment alternatives for families who may not be able to make ends meet. The wellbeing of your children is as important to us as it is to you.

Pediatric Care Services

When you visit North County Health Services for pediatric care, you will have access to a wide range of treatment options for your children. Our highly trained pediatricians can help your child feel better and back to their healthy life in no time.

Below are a few quality services that are offered at our pediatric centers:

If you have questions about pediatric care or our pediatricians in San Diego, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any that you have. With our quality services at our pediatric care centers, your children will grow healthily and get the best possible treatment during injuries, illnesses, behavioral and mental health issues, and more.

The Importance of Pediatric Care

Imagine having a specialized doctor for your kids that you can rely on in times of need. That’s what an NCHS pediatrician in San Diego and Riverside counties will be for you. You’ll visit your family pediatrician multiple times from a child’s birth until age 2, and then annually between ages 2 and 5 (and in most cases, also after age 5). These annual wellness visits are important for ensuring that kids are in the best health possible.

Sometimes an unexpected illness, injury, or an unusual condition and behaviors will pop up when you’re not ready for it. In most of those situations, your pediatrician will be there to help. Through regular pediatric care, you’ll develop a relationship with your pediatrician in San Diego and Riverside counties. This helps you develop more comfort and trust with your pediatric doctors and gives your doctor a better understanding of your child and family in order to give the best pediatric care over the years.

During regular wellness visits, your pediatrician will typically do most or all of the following:

  • Perform a physical examination
  • Provide necessary vaccinations
  • Check and track various growth milestones, skill development, and behavioral expectations
  • Find and provide a diagnosis on any illnesses and health problems (and recommends or provides treatment)
  • Provide additional information about the needs of your child for fitness, nutrition, and overall health and safety
  • Provide answers and knowledge on any questions and concerns that you have
  • Give recommendations for any medical specialists in situations where additional, expert care is needed

Pediatricians in San Diego and Riverside counties specialize in keeping your child healthy, providing treatment during illnesses and injuries, and in providing guidance for future child growth. Without a pediatrician and expert pediatric care, families run the risk of letting their child develop unhealthily, get sick, not grow optimally, and more.

Pediatricians cover everything from physical health to mental health, including behavior. With their education and experience, pediatricians can identify potential problems before families even notice, can recommend how to provide the best growth opportunity for their children, and can even assess challenges the child is creating as a result of a mental or behavioral health challenge.

Although you could visit a general family doctor for your entire family’s needs, a pediatrician specifically works with only kids and they have more extensive education and training around treating and working with children. Pediatricians are even more important to visit if your child requires close monitoring or has a unique or complicated health condition.

NCHS Locations with Pediatric Care Available

Below you will find all the locations in the NCHS network that have pediatric physicians available for your family, including additional services that each location specializes in.

  • Perris: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care
  • San Marcos: Adult Medicine, Behavioral Health, Dental, Lab and X-Ray, Pediatric Care, Pharmacy, and Women’s Health
  • Ramona: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care, Dental Care, and Women’s Health
  • Mission Mesa: Specialization for Pediatric Care
  • Oceanside: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care, and Pharmacy
  • La Mision: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care
  • Encinitas: Adult Medicine, Pediatric Care, and Women’s Health
  • Carlsbad: Adult Medicine and Pediatric Care

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our pediatric center, contact us today. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and help you find a local pediatrician in San Diego or Riverside counties who can meet you and your child’s medical needs. Our NCHS pediatricians in San Diego and Riverside counties are extensively trained in keeping your kids healthy and happy. Give us a call today to get started or to ask any questions that you have about pediatric care!

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