Medi-Cal Services

Medi-Cal is a medical care service program that offers free or low-cost health care to qualifying children and adults in the state of California. In order to qualify for Medi-Cal, individuals must have limited income and resources and be approved by a qualified Medi-Cal program to begin receiving healthcare coverage. In addition to low-income families and adults, this program may also cover seniors, children, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, children in foster care, and former foster youth. To learn about Medi-Cal health care options, California residents should visit Covered California’s website and apply for health coverage. Covered California is an online marketplace that allows Californians to view and compare different healthcare options, as well as apply for financial assistance if needed.

At North County Health Services (NCHS), we proudly accept all forms of Medi-Cal, in addition to a variety of other health insurance coverage plans and uninsured individuals. Our Medi-Cal doctors are passionate about serving every family in our community, regardless of financial status or ability to make immediate payment. We will never turn someone away from receiving healthcare at one of our clinics, and we will always work with our patients to provide the best health care at the lowest and most affordable cost. Our Medi-Cal doctors work at all of our locations across North County, and they are a caring and compassionate group of physicians who are all board-certified, highly experienced, and highly trained. Medi-Cal health care options don’t have to limit your services or the level of quality care you can receive. Our Medi-Cal doctors will always work together with other physicians to provide you with the most excellent and comprehensive care, including taking a whole-body approach to health and wellness.

Medi-Cal Health Care Options and Services

Some California residents are under the impression that Medi-Cal health care options are limited and inferior to standard medical care services. However, at NCHS, that is not the case at all. Our services are top-notch and completely comprehensive, and we pride ourselves on helping our patients get and stay healthy and happy. We’ve seen amazing medical victories and have helped patients overcome huge health challenges, and we would love to walk alongside you in your health and wellness journey as well. Your Medi-Cal health care options are endless at NCHS. Our Medi-Cal doctors provide a number of general and specific services to best serve you and your entire family.

We provide several broad services that fall under the umbrella of adult medicine, women’s health, and pediatric services. We also have many specialists on staff who provide chiropractic care, pregnancy and birth control services, sickness and injury care, vaccination services, dental care, hearing and vision tests, behavioral and mental health services, and much more. We have a number of counselors who can provide pregnancy counseling, nutritional counseling, depression and anxiety treatment, PTSD treatment, ADD and ADHD services, and more. We offer wellness checks, sports physicals, obesity screenings, diabetes management, immigration and naturalization services, chronic disease management, and treatment for a variety of illnesses, ailments, and pain. Your Medi-Cal health care options go farther when you visit NCHS. We are passionate about and committed to providing you with the best medical care possible to help you live the best life and to keep you and your family healthy and thriving for years to come.

Medi-Cal Doctors

Our Medi-Cal doctors are simply incredible. Many of them are Spanish-speaking, allowing us to serve an even greater population with more kindness and compassion. We have interpretation services available for those who speak languages other than English or Spanish, and we are always available to talk to you extensively to address your health and medical questions and concerns. In addition to our bilingual services, we can also provide transportation to and from appointments if you need it. We always strive to serve you fully and completely and in the best way, and offering a free shuttle service to our clinics is just one small way that we can help you get the best health care possible.

If you’re uncertain if you’re covered in Medi-Cal health care options, you can check out Covered California’s website or you can come into one of our many locations. We have insurance specialists who can give you an idea of what health coverage options you have and can even help you apply for coverage. Our Medi-Cal doctors offer same-day appointments, flexible payment options, comprehensive services, additional in-house services, and endless program and resource specialists. We are passionate about your health and wellness, and we look forward to serving you at one of our NCHS locations soon. To find a provider, pick a location nearest you, or schedule an appointment, get in touch with NCHS today.