X-Rays and Lab Services in North County San Diego

North County Health Services (NCHS) is committed to being the number one provider in North County San Diego. No matter what the medical situation may be, NCHS is here to help you through it.

We are now proud to offer both laboratory and x-ray services to all patients in North County San Diego. Our professional medical lab allows us to help more people than we ever have before. Our x-ray services are handled by laboratory professionals who are experienced at blood work labs, administering x-rays, and more.

All of our technicians are not only highly trained in their field, but are very friendly, compassionate and caring. Each member on our team is passionate about helping you get better and live a happier life.

Affordable Laboratory and X-Ray Services

North County Health Services provides a number of laboratory and x-ray services to patients across the region. Our vision is to be the premier health care provider for diverse communities in North County San Diego, and this means that we aim to provide all of our services at affordable rates. We are happy to help those without insurance with our affordable cash rates, as well as offering alternative payment plans.

Below are a few of our Laboratory and x-ray services:

  • X-Ray Services
  • Blood Work Tests
  • Lab Work

NCHS now offers medical visits as low as $40* including other procedures as needed. If you need x-ray services but don’t know if you can afford it or if your insurance is accepted at NCHS, give us a call today and we will be happy to help.

Our x-ray center is designed with you in mind; we want as many patients and families to utilize the benefits of x-ray, blood work and laboratory services as possible.

NCHS Locations That Feature Lab and X-Ray Services

At this time, North County Health Services has only one location that offers laboratory and x-ray services. This location provides a myriad of professional medical services, but also specializes in laboratory and x-ray services. All patients that need x-ray or lab services can rely on our San Marcos Health Center for quality care.

  • San Marcos: Adult Medicine, Behavioral Health, Dental, Lab and X-Ray, Pediatric Care, Pharmacy and Women’s Health

Are you in need of blood work, x-ray services, exams, or other laboratory services? Contact us today at North County Health Services to learn more about how our San Marcos Health Center can help you and your family get full medical treatment. All of our locations are staffed with highly trained and compassionate individuals who are driven to help families in North County get the quality medical service they need and deserve.

At North County Health Services, we want you and your family to live a happy and healthy life. Contact us today to learn more.