Fluoride Treatment

North County Health Services is committed to helping our patients develop good health habits, find treatment, and more. One key part of any healthy lifestyle is developing or sustaining good oral hygiene habits. At NCHS, we help our patients discover good habits that can lower the risk of cavities and dental complications, as well as provide specialized dental services to help them with any pain they may be in.

The dental care services we provide at North County Health Services have been created to help our community of patients get the dental treatment they need to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

One type of dental service that we provide is called “fluoride treatment.”

Fluoride Application

Throughout the day, we consume food and beverages, and take part in various oral hygiene practices can that positively or negatively impact the tooth enamel. The tooth enamel is a protective layer around the tooth that helps to fight off plaque bacteria. Through remineralization and demineralization, the enamel becomes stronger or weaker throughout the day, which can positively or negatively impact the health status of our teeth.

With fluoride treatment, the tooth can be remineralized and increase the level of protection against food and beverages that are particularly acidic. When a patient’s teeth are protected against acidic food and beverages, it greatly reduces the risk of tooth decay, which will lead to cavities. In other words, fluoride treatment provided at NCHS will improve the longevity of your teeth and will reduce the likelihood of needing a filling for cavities.

Fluoride treatment for adults and children can be a very effective way at improving the oral health of an individual. Overall, fluoride treatment is very safe when used as directed, but can be harmful or even hazardous at high doses, which is why it’s very important to consult with a professional fluoride dentist when considering a fluoride application.

Fluoride Treatment

Nearby Dental Care Locations

Looking to get a fluoride application and enjoy the fluoride benefits for you or your family? Contact one of our local health centers that specialize in dental care! Fluoride treatment is a great way to increase the longevity of your teeth or the teeth of your family, reducing the likelihood of getting cavities and needing a filling.

If you’re looking for dental fluoride treatment and want to talk with a dental specialist at North County Health Services, contact us today! We’ll answer all of your questions about fluoride treatment, the benefits, and can get you into any of the closest health centers that specialize in dental care services.