Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injury

When someone experiences whiplash, what they are experiencing is a form of neck strain that is typically associated with car accidents or other sudden blows to the head area that causes significant strain to the neck. This impact or sudden movement can cause the muscles in the neck to stretch excessively or tear in some cases.

It’s unfortunately a fairly common situation for athletes to experience a whiplash injury and find themselves in need of whiplash treatment nearby. Understanding that you’re dealing with a whiplash injury can help you to find proper treatment. Below you’ll find the various symptoms of whiplash and what you can do to start find treatment.

Whiplash Treatment

Getting whiplash treatment doesn’t need to be difficult. With our NCHS network, you can get access to our professional whiplash chiropractor at one of our locations that specializes in the treatment of spine, neck and lower back related injuries.

Whiplash symptoms are hard to ignore because the pain is usually severe enough to make you uncomfortable, depending on how extreme the blow to your head or neck was. Below are the most common types of symptoms that you may experience:

  • Decreased range of motion
  • Tightness in the neck area
  • Tight, or “knotted” muscles
  • Pain in the neck area
  • Headaches
  • Stiffness when moving your head to look over a shoulder
  • Tenderness in the affected area
  • Noticeable pain when moving your head back/forward or side to side

Depending on how you received your injury, the pain and discomfort of whiplash can either happen instantaneously or begin to develop days after the injury.

Either way, as soon as you start to experience whiplash symptoms, contact one of our chiropractors at our NCHS network to find the best treatment. In the meantime, you can try the following at-home options for treatment for whiplash to help alleviate or reduce the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing.

  • Ice the neck and affected area. This will help you to reduce any present pain and swelling that will result after the injury. Try to focus this icing treatment for 15 minutes at a time every few hours, for a period of a few days, depending on how your whiplash injury develops. When dealing with ice, always wrap it in a thin towel to prevent further injury to the skin.
  • After icing for a few days, try applying moist heat to the affected area. This can be done only after swelling has decreased. Try using a warm towel or taking a warm bath.
  • If able, use a brace for the neck. This will provide you with extra support to your neck and even limit your range of motion to prevent further strain on the damaged area. This shouldn’t be a long term solution unless consulted by your doctor.
  • Try painkillers. Reducing the pain can make the injury and treatment process much more bearable, but only if recommended by your doctor.
  • Getting a massage can also help to alleviate the pain in the affected area around the neck.

See a Chiropractor Today

The best type of whiplash injury treatment that you can get will come from a chiropractor who is able to look at your injury and provide the best option. Contact us today to learn about our locations that serve your chiropractic needs or our other medical services.

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