Anxiety Treatment

When we face difficult situations, our fears, or know that big changes are going to happen in our life, we often feel a degree of anxiety. Anxiety is not a concern on its own because we all experience it at some point. However, if the anxiety you are feeling is extreme and prevents you from getting through those difficult situations or overwhelms you from doing normal daily activities, then anxiety needs to be treated.

Thankfully, getting anxiety help is easy once you’ve discovered that you are experiencing anxiety symptoms. At North County Health Services, we provide anxiety treatment and anxiety therapy for all individuals who are having a difficult time getting through their anxiety on their own.

Anxiety Treatment San Diego

What Are the Signs of Anxiety?

The signs and symptoms of anxiety seem unique to each individual, as anxiety can encompass a variety of different disorders and as a result will have different symptoms. Individuals may only experience anxiety as a “panicking” feeling during a party when they feel like they are supposed to socialize. Others may instead have difficult driving out of a fear of being on the road. Other individuals will experience negative, intruding thoughts that can’t be easily controlled on their own. Some may experience panic attacks without warning while others will feel it building up over time.

However, the common overlapping symptom that all anxiety sufferers experience is the very severe or persistent fear in circumstances that most people wouldn’t feel afraid of or threatened by.

How to Treat Anxiety

There are two common types of anxiety treatment available today. One option is psychotherapy, while the other is medication for anxiety. However, it’s likely that individuals will need to consult with a doctor before getting any kind of medication. In many cases, both psychotherapy and medication will be combined together in order to get the best results.


Anxiety sufferers will work with an experienced psychological counselor in order to develop better understanding of your anxiety and create strategies to help control anxiety on your own. One of the most effective forms of psychotherapy is “cognitive behavioral therapy,” which focuses on gradually building up your own skills to handle anxiety on your own and get you back to your usual activities and hobbies.

Anxiety Medication

Another form of anxiety treatment comes directly from medication. In most cases, your doctor will prescribe specialized medication that focuses on treating your anxiety. Some of the most effective forms of medication will require a number of weeks before they come into full effect. It’s important to stay on this medication when prescribed by your doctor.

To learn more about anxiety or the treatment for anxiety, give us a call today at North County Health Services! If you are currently experiencing severe symptoms of anxiety, we’ll be happy to help you get anxiety treatment so that you can get back into your normal life before you were experiencing crippling anxiety. The sooner you visit, the sooner you can get started on your treatment!