Staying fit and healthy should be a priority of everyone. Whether you’re an adult looking to improve your health or want to keep your children and family healthy, a wellness checkup should be on your agenda. We recommend that you schedule an annual wellness visit with a healthcare professional to get an overview of your overall health, identify key characteristics about your health, identify any age-related screenings that are overdue, identify any problem areas in your health/diet/lifestyle, and more.

At North County Health Services, we can provide you with access to a wellness visit, whether you are looking to get wellness care for yourself or a doctor checkup for your children.

Annual Wellness Exam

What does a wellness checkup involve? When you come to North County Health Services for a wellness exam, you’ll meet with one of our healthcare professionals who will talk to you about your health history before he or she will provide a thorough health examination.

The exam process of the wellness checkup is intended to help assess your overall health and to detect warning signs of more serious problems before they get out of hand. This is why it’s so important to have a regular wellness visit with your healthcare provider. If you avoid a wellness visit at least once a year, you may be allowing certain diseases and other conditions to cultivate in your body, causing further and more severe health complications in the future.

The types of tests and screenings you might have to go through will depend on you and your doctor, although there are some common ones that are usually a part of any type of wellness exam:

  • Basic measurements for your body, such as weight, height, blood pressure, body mass index, etc.
  • Simple vision tests to assess the state of your eyes and overall vision.
  • Reviewing your mental health to determine the risk of depression (and/or level of risk to yourself or others).
  • Looking for warning signs of more serious conditions.
  • And more. Each exam will be unique to you and your situation.

At the end of your exam you may be provided with a written plan what will help you keep track of what kind of treatment, medication, tests, screenings, preventive care, and more that you will need to improve your overall health in small or large ways.

The whole process of the wellness exam is designed to be personalized to you and your unique situation.

Wellness Visits

Get a Wellness Visit & Checkup at Your Local Healthcare Center

Below you’ll find all of the “adult medicine” healthcare centers available in our North County Health Services network. We want to make it as accessible as possible for you to get your regular, annual wellness checkups. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our NCHS locations.

Contact us today at North County Health Services to learn more about our annual wellness checkups. It’s important that you schedule your wellness visit at least once a year, which will allow a healthcare professional to identify any problems in your health before they become too serious. The information you get during your checkup will allow you to make better lifestyle choices through habit and diet changes.

Give us a call to get started with your very own wellness visit and checkup.