It’s virtually impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of accident or injury. From automobile crashes to tripping over uneven surfaces, or cutting yourself with a knife to construction accidents, it’s helpful to know how to get quick and effective treatment for any type of injury.

North County Health Services has a wide network of healthcare clinics that can help with providing treatment and relief to all kinds of injuries, no matter how small or severe they are. Any type of injury that requires a specialist care outside of our scope of treatment we will be able to recommend you to a trusted specialist that can help.

We want injury treatment to always be an option for residents and guests in North County areas. Whether you have received a head injury, spinal injury, or need wound treatment, and everything in between, our healthcare specialists are on standby to provide assistance. Give us a call today to get treatment for your recent injury.

Wound Care

There are many different types of injuries that one can get. While it’s just about impossible to list every possible type of injury, we can narrow it down to some of the most common injuries adults are likely to experience in their lifetime, depending on their lifestyle and hobbies.

For example, you can get wound treatment to take care of injuries that involve an open wound: getting cut by a knife, scraping knees and elbows from falling, skin punctures from sharp objects, and more.

We also provide treatment for other types of injuries, such as a head injury, spinal injury, bruising, and more.

Getting treatment as soon as possible is important. If you get an injury and think it’ll be okay to leave it alone, you run the risk of unseen complications making the injury worse, slowing down the healing process, or worse yet: causing permanent damage due to an improper healing process.

On the other hand, when you get treatment as soon as you get your injury, a healthcare specialist can analyze it and determine the best course of action when it comes to treatment. From temporary lifestyle changes to medication to at-home remedies, a doctor will be able to prescribe the best options for you to choose to make the quickest and most effective recovery for any kind of injury you experience.

Local Adult Medicine & Healthcare Clinics

When you need to find a local healthcare clinic for any type of injury (or illness, medical condition, etc.), find one of the locations closest to you. Whether you’re a resident in the area or just visiting, our healthcare professionals will be able to provide you with injury treatment. Check out our locations below:


Contact us today to learn more about the injury treatment options available to you or whether or not we are capable of treating your type of injury. Our staff is on hand to help you through your injury, no matter how minor or severe.