The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. Without the heart, the rest of the body’s vital organs wouldn’t be able to function properly. Unfortunately for many people, the heart can become compromised as a result of cardiovascular disease (also known as heart disease). There are many types of heart disease.  Sometimes there are blockages in the arteries that deliver blood to the heart.  Since the heart is a muscle, lack of oxygen can cause a lot of problems including a heart attack.  In addition, the heart acts as a pump that sends blood throughout the body.  When the heart muscle is damaged, the pump might not work right and cause heart failure.   Thankfully, it’s possible to get cardiovascular disease treatment. This makes living with cardiovascular disease more manageable.

However, each situation is unique, which makes it even more important to visit a healthcare professional to help assess the severity of your situation and to find the best cardiac treatment. Working with cardiovascular Providers at North County Health Services will help to ensure that you get the most educated answers and best treatment possible.

Cardiac Assessment

Cardiac assessment is the process of assessing or determining whether or not an individual has cardiovascular disease, the severity of the disease, and other characteristics important for diagnosis and treatment. It is also vital to assess your risk for CV disease to prevent heart attacks and heart failure.

Once a doctor better understands your situation, he or she will be able to recommend personalized treatment options for you. Our Providers are well versed in how the heart operates and everything that can positively or negatively impact the overall condition of the heart.

There are a few different options available for treatment, depending on your cardiac assessment and the severity of your medical situation. Make sure not to make any drastic lifestyle changes without consulting your doctor.

  • Changes to your lifestyle. Recommendations may include changing your diet (e.g., low fat, low sodium foods), an increase in exercise, quitting harmful habits (e.g., smoking), reducing frequency of other harmful habits (e.g., drinking alcohol). Generally it means optimizing your diet and habits to improve cardiovascular function.
  • Medications to treat cardiovascular disease. Sometimes lifestyle changes may not be enough, which is where cardiovascular medication comes into play. There is no one specific medication that will fix all situations, which is why it’s important to get a cardiac assessment.
  • Cardiovascular surgery or procedures. In more extreme cases, direct surgery or procedures may be required to rectify the issue. Requiring surgery will depend on the severity of the disease and how much damage has been done to the heart.

Heart health

Local Providers at NCHS Available for a Cardiovascular Assessment

Get a cardiac assessment from one of our cardiovascular consultants at North County Health Services. The sooner you begin your assessment, the sooner you can better understand what is happening to your heart. You’ll get personalized treatment that will be most effective for you, rather than being given a vague and generic treatment plan that may not work.

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Contact us today at North County Health Services to begin your cardiac assessment in order to understand your unique medical situation. It’s important to get cardiac care from one of our top cardiovascular providers in our NCHS network. You’ll be given personalized treatment and care options that best suit you and your situation.