Vaccinations are an important part of a healthy life. Although it’s not uncommon for people to think that vaccinations only matter to parents who are raising newborns and young children or for people that are traveling to foreign countries. While it’s true that these two situations may be fairly common when it comes to talking about vaccinations, it’s just as important to recognize that everyone needs to be vaccinated against deadly, transmissible diseases. In addition, many vaccines are specifically for adults.

If you have not received adult vaccinations from an immunization clinic, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

There are some important things to learn about vaccinations in your adult life and our healthcare professionals at North County Health Services are knowledgeable and ready to help you get a better understanding of adult immunizations.


When you visit a clinic for an immunization, you’ll be provided with information about how adult vaccinations works, their benefits, potential side effects, and you’ll talk about the adult vaccine schedule and where you fall on it. Visiting an immunization clinic is also a great time to ask about any questions or concerns that you have about any immunizations or the immunization process. Our healthcare professionals will be happy to provide you with as much information as possible about the process.

Am I too old to get immunized?

Absolutely not. Being immunized against life threatening diseases is a lifelong process. It not only protects you, but protects against the spread of the disease which will also help to protect citizens that have a weak immune system that prevents them from getting the immunization themselves.

Do I have to get every known vaccination?

Not always. Each type of vaccine is unique. Some vaccinations have complicated immunization requirements, which is why it’s important to visit an immunization clinic to talk about the adult vaccinations that are available and which you need. There are some vaccines that are recommended in almost every situation, where as some other vaccines are less likely to be recommended (based on certain conditions).

Will I have to get vaccines when I travel?

Generally, yes, you will need to get a vaccination when you travel to certain countries. Not all countries will require you to get vaccinated, but it never hurts to visit a healthcare clinic to discuss required vaccinations when visiting a specified destination.

Get Your Adult Immunizations Today at These Locations

If you realize that you may need to get vaccinated as an adult, North County Health Services can provide you with all of the adult vaccinations, some required travel vaccinations, flu shot, and more that you need. Don’t leave it to chance when it comes to protecting against or avoiding deadly diseases. Check out the following locations in our NCHS network that can administer adult vaccinations to you and/or your family.

Contact us today to get started with your adult immunization process. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.