Family Planning at NCHS

Family planning is an important part of any woman’s life, no matter what type of family she currently has or plans to have in the future. From contraceptives to fertility treatments to pregnancy counseling, our family planning clinics offer all-inclusive services to help women attain optimal health and the best life.

Importance of Family Planning

A woman’s health and well-being are closely tied to her ability to choose when and if she gets pregnant. The lifestyle of a woman is drastically changed when she becomes pregnant, no matter how many children she already has. Whether a woman is choosing to delay pregnancy, avoid it altogether, or get pregnant as soon as possible, family planning is an incredibly important step in accomplishing each of those goals.

The main motivation behind family planning is offering women the right to make their own decisions about their families and their bodies. When women get pregnant too early or too late in life, it often leads to health risks, pregnancy-related complications, and additional physical stressors that can take a toll on their health. Helping women and couples plan their families according to their desires also reduces the likelihood of abortion and its associated risks, decreases the chance of infant and maternal mortality due to ill-timed pregnancies, and can prevent the spread of HIV, AIDS, and other STDs.

An additional financial burden, children too close in age, or a completely unplanned pregnancy of any sort can impact a woman’s future and her outlook on life, and we believe that education and opportunity are the best ways to help women avoid unwanted family situations. Our family planning clinics are aimed at educating women about the benefits and risks of their various options. Additionally, we strive to give women opportunities to make their own informed choices and have access to resources and health services to make the most of their decisions.


For many, family planning is directly associated with contraceptives. Whether a woman is single or married, if she is sexually active but not ready to have a baby, she can and should utilize some form of contraception. Some contraceptives, such as condoms, can reduce the risk of STDs in addition to preventing pregnancy. In the United States, a woman’s options for contraception is practically endless. Birth control pills, implants, injectables, patches, intrauterine devices, and female condoms can all temporarily prevent pregnancy. This means that if and when a woman decides she wants to have a baby, she can discontinue use of the contraceptive and attempt conception.

In addition to these medically-based methods, women can also utilize the Standard Days Method, where she tracks her fertile days, the Basal Body Temperature Method, where she takes her temperature each morning and notes changes that are related to ovulation and high fertility, and other more natural contraception methods. For more permanent solutions, women can undergo a hysterectomy or blocking of the fallopian tubes, whereas men can have a vasectomy.

If you’re looking for a particular type of contraceptive from a family planning clinic, be sure to reach out to NCHS. We can give you information about your various options and help you select the best form of contraception for you.


For other individuals and families, family planning is all about planning pregnancies and encouraging fertility. If a woman struggles to get pregnant, she can utilize pregnancy counseling, fertility treatments, and more. Helping women to plan their pregnancies is a big part of family planning that results in well-timed births with adequate time between pregnancies, and it can help women optimize their health before and during pregnancy to ensure the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. A family planning clinic can help a woman make the most educated and informed decisions for herself, her family, and her future. Here at NCHS, we believe in whole-family health, and oftentimes that begins with Mom. If you’re looking for fertility treatments, help with family planning for pregnancy, or overall women’s health services, reach out to NCHS today.

Women’s Health

Overall, women’s health is important to family planning, whether a woman wants to plan a pregnancy or avoid it completely. Our family planning clinics offer women’s health services for women of all ages, and no matter what your health goals are, we can help you achieve them.

If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, we can provide pregnancy counseling, nutrition services, birthing classes, and more. If you’re not pregnant, we offer well-woman checkups, birth control options, cervical cancer screenings, and various family planning services.

We are committed to helping you attain optimal health, which is why we are passionate about providing exceptional women’s health services. Disease prevention, improved mental health, confidence, and ideal locations are just some of the benefits of our women’s health services.

Family Planning Services

Our family planning services are top notch and fully comprehensive, as we are committed to helping you make the best decisions for yourself and your current and future family. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant with your first or fourth child, or you simply want to delay or avoid pregnancy, we are here to help you. Our staff is nurturing and kind, so you can rest assured that you will never experience judgment at our family planning clinics. We know that every woman has her own goals, desires, and struggles, and we are simply committed to and interested in assisting and supporting you as best we can.