Every Kid Healthy Week

The last full week of April is National Every Kid Healthy Week (April 23-27). This week highlights the importance of healthy eating, nutrition education, and physical activity for kids. This initiative began six years ago to encourage schools to educate their students about healthy living and making healthy choices, and since then, over 2 million students, teachers, and parents have gotten involved.

In celebration of this week and to continue to educate children on being healthy, many schools around the country have planned health week activities for students to learn and have fun. Schools can host events like field days, healthy snack tastings, nutrition education events, and more, all the while engaging students and getting parents and community members involved.

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating is the key to health, and the sooner good eating habits are established, the better. Children who learn about nutrition early on are more likely to make better nutrition decisions as an adult, leading to better long-term health. Every Kid Healthy Week engages students in a variety of health week activities that include teaching them about nutrition and how to make wise food choices and why those choices are important.

Since children eat at least one meal a day at school, if not more, schools are getting involved in Every Kid Healthy Week 2018 in several ways. One great thing that many schools are doing is working with HealthyYOU Vending, a company that puts vending machines with healthier food options in schools. Rather than offering kids candy bars, sodas, and fried chips, HealthyYOU Vending stocks vending machines with applesauce, organic rice puffs, Kind bars, and other healthy options.

Physical Activities & Education

Kids these days are far more inactive than older generations were, and that is leading to weight problems and many child health issues. Every Kid Healthy Week 2018 will focus on educating kids about how active they should be and giving them some ideas about how to increase their physical activity levels. Some schools may schedule a field day during Every Kid Healthy Week while others will schedule a Walk-a-Thon, yoga workshop, or fun run. Some schools will bring in community members to lead a class on a particular sport or physical activity, or to teach a class about gardening, healthy cooking, and more.

Healthy Kids = Healthy Adults

We all want our kids to be healthy as children, but we also want them to grow into healthy adults. Ensure that your child’s health is on track by scheduling a child health checkup and encouraging them to make wise food choices and to stay active. Establishing good eating and activity habits starts now, so be sure to get involved in an Every Kid Healthy Week event.