Eating a Healthy Breakfast – Easy, Healthy Breakfast Foods | NCHS

kids eating breakfast

It’s important for adults to eat breakfast to perform at their best each day, but it’s even more important for kids. Kids who eat breakfast are normally in better health. Eating regular meals, especially breakfast, help supports kids growing bodies and developing brains.

Why Is Breakfast Important?

Breakfast literally means to break the fasting period from the night before. This is typically the longest period of time without eating making breakfast one of the most important meals to eat each day. Eating healthy breakfast foods not only gives you energy to start the day but may also be linked to better weight control and improved performance throughout the day.

Breakfast Provides Fiber and Vitamins for a Well-Balanced Diet

Eating a healthy breakfast provides an opportunity for kids and adults to eat fiber and gain additional vitamins. Fiber, which can help control weight and lower cholesterol levels, is found in cereals, oatmeal and whole wheat breads. Breakfast is also an opportunity to feed kids bone building vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D. Kids can get vitamin D from breakfast foods including eggs, fortified cereal, milk and yogurt. Another good reason for kids to eat breakfast is that four out of five kids do not get enough vitamins from lunch and dinner alone.

Eating Breakfast Improves Academic Performance

Studies have shown kids who eat breakfast are less tired in school, test higher and have a greater attention span. Kids who go to school hungry are more distracted in class and in return have more learning difficulties. Also, kids who eat breakfast perform better in their school work and have extra energy for extra curricular activities like sports!

Short on time in the morning? Be sure to check back later this week for easy healthy breakfast ideas on the go!