Ana Ramon, Member Access Point Department Manager

“They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

When Ana began her career at NCHS ten years ago, she never could have imagined the road that lay ahead of her. What started as a conversation with NCHS staff while Ana accompanied her mother at her doctor’s visit, laid the foundation for a career dedicated to service. In her first position at NCHS as an Interactive Child Play Specialist, Ana flourished in her role and soon realized her deep passion for helping her community. Encouraged by her peers to seek a long-term career at NCHS, Ana transitioned into roles that grew her skill set and gave her an opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of Community Health Centers. Ana ultimately became the Member Access Point Department Manager (NCHS’ Call Center) where she leads a dedicated team of 44 staff members.  Ana understands the importance of being believed in, encouraged, and supported, as she was provided the opportunity to grow within the organization.


Delienid, Employee Health Nurse

“Employees and patients do not just feel like a number at NCHS.”

Delienid takes great pride in her role as Employee Health Nurse, but her time at NCHS did not just begin as an employee. As a past NCHS patient, Delienid knows first-hand the impact our exceptional care had on her, and she wanted to be able to give back in the same way. In February 2017, she participated in the NCHS Internship Program, where she served as a community health educator. Through her internship, she learned of an opportunity available, Employee Health Nurse, her current position in which she is responsible for conducting employee health screenings, providing health education, and much more. NCHS is not just a place of employment for Delienid – her journey began here, first as a patient and continues as a member of the NCHS family.


Staff Testimonials


Rami Fodda, FNP, NCHS San Marcos QuickCare

“I have always been inspired to work in underserved populations. I feel it is a field where I as a Medical Provider can really make a difference. NCHS is truly the rare organization that not only has good intentions, but also follows up with good execution. The level of service we provide rivals any in the private healthcare field. It is truly gratifying to be a part of an organization that does so much good for our community.”


Dr. Rosita Cortizo, PsyD, NCHS San Marcos Behavioral Health

“I believe that it is a privilege to serve our communities in a prompt, holistic, comprehensive and culturally sensitive manner. For the past 17 years at NCHS, I have been fortunate to do family therapy with pregnant mothers during their pre-perinatal care in the most precious and wonderful ways, with positive outcomes for all involved. Giving voice to womb-babies, newborns, toddlers, children and families has been an honor and continues to be my mission.”


Dr. Mostofian, MD, Clinical Director of Women’s Health Services

“I am thrilled to be a part of NCHS where we provide personalized care to our women and children. I love that I live in the same community as my patients and I am encouraged when I see them around town making healthier choices for their families. Our time with our patients in the clinic has the ability to impact an entire family and community and I am inspired when I see this ripple effect.”