Best Medicine for the Common Cold

Getting a cold can be frustrating for anyone. You don’t feel like doing anything, even though you still have responsibilities, and nothing seems enjoyable when you’re congested, tired, coughing, and just feel less than great. Common cold treatment can be tricky, since there is no official cure for the common cold, but here are a handful of ways you can combat a cold to get back to your healthy self and your day-to-day activities.

Actual Medicine

If you are really struggling to combat a cold on your own, there are some medications you can take that may help alleviate symptoms. Since colds are viral, antibiotics won’t work as a common cold treatment. However, you can take pain reliever if you have a bad headache or a fever, or you can take a nasal decongestant if you’re dealing with a lot of uncomfortable congestion. Cough syrups can help you get some much-needed rest if you’re not sleeping well due to a bad cough, and throat lozenges can soothe a dry throat during the day.


Self-care is incredibly important when you’re dealing with a cold. If you don’t take care of yourself when you’re sick, your illness will only be prolonged and can even worsen in severity. Taking vitamins and getting plenty of rest is an important part of common cold treatment. Do whatever you can to avoid spreading your cold to others and to keep yourself from getting sicker. Keep washing your hands, change out your bedsheets or blankets regularly, get a new toothbrush when the cold is gone, and try to get outside and get some exercise when you can. Fresh air and sunlight can do wonders as a common cold treatment.

Healthy Choices

Good nutrition is one of the best ways to combat a cold, as the nutrients will help your body fight off illness and heal more effectively. Avoid sugar at all costs when you have a cold, as it will only feed the sickness and keep you feeling bad for longer. Consume a lot of fluids and soups, and be sure to try to eat enough protein, since that macronutrient is responsible for healing and repairing within your body. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods, if possible. The more nutrients you give your body, the more effectively it will be able to rid your body of cold symptoms.

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