April Is National Infant Immunizations Month

Since 1994, a countless number of communities and health centers across the US come together in April to recognize National Infant Immunization Month. The month is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of keeping infants protected from diseases that are vaccine-preventable. It’s also a time to recognize how far immunization programs have come and how much they have improved the health of infants and children.

We welcome you to celebrate National Infant Immunization Month at NCHS. You can schedule an appointment to learn more about your infant’s immunization schedule, our pediatric care center, and what you can expect from the visit. To help you learn more about infant immunizations, here is some information for you to explore.


The Importance of Infant Immunizations

Infant immunizations are very important to protect newborns from disease. The reason vaccines are given and recommended is because the diseases they are protecting from can make the infant very sick and can even be deadly. By protecting your infant from disease and giving them the ability to fight back against infections, they’ll be healthier and more comfortable.


The Recommended Immunization Schedule

The immunization schedule goes from infancy to the teenage years of your child. To assist with their weak immune system, a newborn will start with a Hepatitis B immunization, and then get a second dose when they are 1 month old. From there, the immunization schedule continues through childhood to prevent disease and improve the immune system.

Center for Disease Control (CDC), recommends that by age two, children have an immunization schedule that protects from fourteen diseases. At NCHS, we have a detailed immunization schedule, and we encourage you to reach out with questions or to schedule an appointment whether this is the first immunization, or your child needs to catch up.


Ideas to Celebrate National Infant Immunization Month

Whether you’re a new mother or will be soon, you work in healthcare, or you want to be part of a good cause, there are a lot of ways to celebrate National Immunization Month. You can go to forums that discuss the topic and spend a few moments joining in the conversation. If there are events in your community, you can visit these and even volunteer. You can also spread the word about this important month, so others can celebrate.


Common Questions Answered About Newborn Immunizations

When it comes to the healthcare of your infant, we know that you have a lot of questions. While you’re recognizing the importance of newborn immunizations, you may not know a lot about them other than that they prevent dangerous diseases. To help, here are a few of the most common questions about newborn immunizations answered.

Are vaccines safe?

Vaccines are very safe. The United States has systems in place to ensure our vaccine supply is safe. The side effects are going to be very mild and are mainly caused by the injection. There may be a little pain and swelling where the immunization was given. Some infants will get fussy and others may get a very low fever. But these side effects do not last long, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your children are being protected from disease.

Can I delay infant immunizations until they are older?

You shouldn’t delay infant immunizations because the schedule is designed to protect the newborn from disease before they have the chance to come in contact with it. However, if you have already delayed the immunization, then you can still schedule an appointment to catch-up. The primary reason to begin giving vaccines early is to reduce the risk that infants especially are susceptible to.

Aren’t most of the diseases we vaccinate for gone?

While it may seem silly to vaccinate for a disease that hasn’t been around in decades, trust that it’s still important to vaccinate. Often, there are still a few rare cases a year in the US or other countries still suffer from the diseases and they could resurface here from international travelers. It’s much better to continue the immunization schedule versus face a wide outbreak due to dropping the vaccine from the schedule.

Does it matter where I go for newborn immunizations?

To ensure the safest and most sanitary experience for your infant, make sure you go to an established health center that offers pediatric care services. At NCHS, our pediatric center professionals understand the importance of newborn immunizations and we provide our customers with the best care. We take the health of your newborn as seriously as you do, and we are committed to your entire family’s health.


Immunizations for Kids of All Ages!

Kids of all ages benefit from keeping an immunization schedule! And National Infant Immunization Month is an excellent time to raise awareness and check your calendar to make sure you have your appointments set. If you are behind on vaccines or you have not made an appointment yet, right now is ideal to give us a call! At NCHS, our atmosphere is comfortable, and our payment options are affordable. Reach out today to learn more about infant immunizations and we’ll answer all of your questions and address any concerns. We look forward to helping your family stay healthy!