Annual Wellness Visit – Schedule Yours Today!

The world today is busier and faster-paced than ever, which can sometimes lead to important things falling by the wayside, such as your health. While more people than ever before are interested in their own health and are putting time and energy into staying healthy, one important aspect of health often gets neglected: annual wellness exams.

What Is an Annual Visit For?

An annual wellness exam is a yearly visit to your doctor to check on your overall health, as well as address any concerns you may have. An annual wellness visit won’t be a long appointment, but it will be quite thorough. It will address general health issues, such as weight, diet, any pain you’re experiencing, and any other specific concerns or questions you have. It will also include pelvic exams and breast exams for women to ensure no questionable cells or lumps have appeared since your last visit.

What Will Be Done?

The tests and exams that will be done during your annual wellness exam will be based on you individually and on your medical history. While some people may need to have a conversation about depression and mental health, others may be more focused on checking their cholesterol levels. Your doctor will customize your appointment to you and your medical needs so that you feel confident in your level of health and have all your questions answered before you leave the office.

Well-Woman Exams

For most women, an annual wellness checkup will primarily involve a well-woman exam. This includes pelvic exams and breast exams to ensure that your body is functioning as it should be and nothing out of the ordinary has occurred since your last wellness visit. A pelvic exam will likely include a pap smear, while a breast exam will include a physical exam and possibly an imaging procedure, such as a mammogram.

Breast Cancer Screening

If you have risk factors for breast cancer or if you simply want to be very thorough and comprehensive at your annual wellness visit, you can request a breast cancer screening at your visit. Screenings are done before any signs of cancer have occurred, so they are typically just a preventative measure based on age, family history, or other potential risk factors. A breast cancer screening may be part of some standard well-woman exams and may include a physical exam, lab tests, and imaging procedures (such as a mammogram). Talk to your doctor at your next well-woman exam to learn more about breast cancer screening tests and if you should get one.

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At NCHS, we are committed to your overall health, and that includes annual wellness visits. While it is fresh on your mind, go ahead and pick up the phone to schedule your annual exam at your local NCHS location.