Staff Appreciation

At NCHS we are always looking for meaningful ways to acknowledge and appreciate our hard-working staff, which is why each year we celebrate with an Annual All Staff Appreciation & Awards event where each department in the organization gets a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. We also take the time out during the busy holiday season to give our staff family an Annual Holiday Party to celebrate a year of success.






Leadership & Team Building

We not only look to appreciate our team, but help them grow as leaders & professionals – of course, all while having fun! NCHS proudly helps to enrich & equip our leadership team each year with an Annual Leadership Retreat & Annual Provider Retreat. In addition, we prepare a year-long calendar with strategic leadership workshops & trainings as part of our “BGR™ University” to provide ongoing development and team building.









Cultivators of Experience

We are continually striving to create a stellar customer service environment and phenomenal healthcare experience for our patients, and we realize this begins with our staff. NCHS has invested in a organization-wide training program with the Institute for Healthcare Communication. “C.A.R.E”, “C.A.R.E. Repair” and “Coaching for Impressive C.A.R.E.” seeks to engage and empower patients in their healthcare.