Top Tips To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution!


Year after year, resolutions are made and are very rarely followed, though. Once the confetti is swept up and the beginning of the year hits our New Year’s resolutions slowly start to diminish. One main cause being the lack of goal planning. New Year resolutions are often made on New Year’s Eve and in the heat of the moment. They’re usually not planned out and are focused on whatever your mindset was on that day.

This year, instead of picking something at the moment, take some time and think about what you want to improve on. Ideally, you want your resolution to be S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based). Below are a few helpful tips to help you meet your goal for 2017!

Be Realistic

The best way to ensure you met your goal this New Year is to make sure it’s attainable. For example, resolving never to eat your favorite food again is setting yourself up for failure. Instead, make your goal more attainable by simply limiting your intake of that food.


Outline Your Plan

It’s easier to stay on track with small goals. Try setting up small goals for you to meet along your path to your main goal. Instead of focusing on losing 30 lbs., focus on losing the first five.

Now that you have your resolution, it’s time to play devil’s advocate. How will you overcome temptations? One example is to start is to grab a gym buddy to help motivate you and keep you accountable.


Talk about it

Tell your friends and family about your goal. The more people you tell, the more support and accountability, you will receive.


Reward yourself

It’s important to celebrate all of the good progress you’re making towards your goal to help keep you motivated. Treat yourself to something you enjoy that doesn’t contradict your resolution. For example, if your goal is to get in better shape, treat yourself with new workout clothes instead of your favorite unhealthy treat.


Keep Trying

Occasionally, you will slip up, and that’s ok! Take one day at a time, and you will achieve your goal.