After 20 rewarding years, Irma Cota, President & CEO, will be retiring from NCHS.

Earlier this year, Irma Cota, announced that in the spring of 2018 she will retire as President and CEO, at NCHS.

Irma has been the President and CEO of NCHS since 1997 and has supported the organization as it has grown over the years. Under her leadership, NCHS has been the recipient of countless awards and has expanded to fulfill the ongoing needs of its communities. She has supported the expansion of existing NCHS facilities, as well as, the building of new facilities all in response to the ongoing healthcare demand from our surrounding communities.

“As I reflect on the past 20 plus years I am beyond proud of all that NCHS has accomplished, and I’m more energized than ever as I begin my last year with NCHS,” stated Cota. “I am also reminded our work is not yet done.”

Although it is bitter-sweet everyone supports her in her decision to retire in 2018 so that she can enjoy the next chapter of her life.

The NCHS Board of Directors will undergo a comprehensive process to help select Irma’s successor to ensure that the next President and CEO will continue to keep NCHS successful for years to come